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William Penn: commemorations and curios

William Penn: commemorations and curios:
The 300th anniversary of William Penn’s death is close at hand and archivists in the British Quaker library share a post about their collection of Penn curios: > The archival material in the Library relating to William Penn includes property deeds relating to land in Pennsylvania, such as the one pictured below. There are also letters from William Penn amongst other people’s papers. One notable example, dated 13th of 11th month 1690 (13 January 1691, in the modern calendar), is a letter from him to Margaret Fox, formerly Margaret Fell, telling her of the death of her husband, George Fox.

Dynamics of Evil

Dynamics of Evil:
Holding the line, speaking the truth is the Christian’s (Quaker’s) obligation in the Lamb’s War. If the God of truth is honored in just one mind, heart, and soul, the world is not lost, as Jesus showed us by prototypal example. In this statement given before Pilate shortly before the end of his earthly life, Jesus identified his life’s purpose not only for himself but for us all.

Worship Sharing and Vocal Ministry

Worship Sharing and Vocal Ministry:
Very often, if we had just heard the lesson without its personal and often anecdotal preamble, it would have felt much more like Spirit-led vocal ministry. So why quibble about it? Because, by the time we get the lesson, it is so saturated with “I” that it has trouble lifting off the ground to transform the We. Our consciousness has been so deeply drawn into personality that it hinders the transpersonal character we hope for in vocal ministry.

A Quaker Response to this Moral Crisis

A Quaker Response to this Moral Crisis:
Friends are seeking ways to respond to the current refugee crisis. One example is a minute of concern recently approved by Santa Monica Meeting. Other Friends are taking action by visiting detainees in the Adelanto Detention Center. Some are accompanying refugees in the courts. Quaker organizations like FCNL and AFSC are calling for comprehensive immigration reform and an end to ICE. I am including this letter in hopes of stimulating more discussion among Friends (and others) about what we can do to respond to this latest moral crisis.

Sowing in tears, part two

Sowing in tears, part two:
I’m convinced that the USA is in a kind of danger that is new to most of us. But even if our worst fears turn out to be exaggerated, the scale of pain and despair among some (and wicked glee among others) is something that demands a prophetic and pastoral response from all who claim to represent Good News.

This Blog Begins – An Early Quaker Online Archive

This Blog Begins – An Early Quaker Online Archive:
I intend this informational blog to help others explore the thought and experience of early Quakers, chiefly before 1700, who knew, preached, and reflected on lives transformed and guided by God, who gathered them into a covenanted people.

Meeting as Covenant Community

Meeting as Covenant Community:
The purpose of a covenant community is to provide a home for this transforming work. That means that joining a meeting that is a covenant community invites radical engagement with our spiritual lives on the part of our fellow members, who are to be the vehicles for God’s transforming work.

Review: Sacred Signposts

Review: Sacred Signposts:
Talk of “holy possessions” might also lead Quakers to think of those things which have set us apart from the rest of Christianity and may well preserve our tradition in the 21st century.

Sowing in tears

Sowing in tears:
As we keep sowing, we divide the labor according to our gifts. For every radical prophet who risks everything to speak the truth, we hope some conservative is doing a good job of guarding the money that will pay the prophet’s bail. We make space for the pastor who cherishes our community, and we make space for the outward-facing evangelist, who understands when the moment is ripe to intervene in our culture.

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Started by Karl Vonderheyde in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Karl Vonderheyde 7th month 9. 10 Replies

I'll probably start a storm with this, but, here goes...Plain dress. ...is it?Is it plain? I've seen the price of a pair of broadfalls... seriously?? What I' getting at is, the Friends "dress code" was all about simplicity... avoiding buckles, shiny…Continue

Rescuing Romans 13:1-7 – How do we answer authoritarian use of these words?

Started by Mike Shell in Quaker Talk 7th month 2. 0 Replies

Friends,Please join me on my blog post "Rescuing Romans 13:1-7" for a conversation about this…Continue

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Portland-Shiraz Sister Cities Project

Posted by Kirby Urner on 7th mo. 7, 2018 at 11:30pm 2 Comments

The Unitarians are more at the forefront than Friends on this initiative, however we had a number of Quakers at the Iran Forum where this proposal was floated, receiving much interest and applause. I'll give a link in the comments to my journal…


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