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Going beyond grumbling: the joy of the Quaker way

Going beyond grumbling: the joy of the Quaker way:

Steven Davison stops to share the “exquisite joys” of ministry and the gathered meeting: “The shadow side of this temperament is a tendency to go negative, even to stay negative; to get crusty, even nasty, when things don’t change; and to get arrogant and self-righteous. I can tend away from my joy in my religious life, forgetting how much Quakerism has given me in my grousing about its shortcomings.”

George Fox University prof terminated over LGBT equality

George Fox University prof terminated over LGBT equality:

One George Fox shares C Wess Daniel’s letter:

I was offered my job back so long as I was willing to no longer speak publicly about the matter, of which I am not at all interested. I have no regrets about what I did and would do it again… I realize that my role in this is very small and peripheral and not about me at all. I know many of you have been dealing with this in far more damaging and personal ways for many years than I will ever be able to understand.

The keeper of the loaf

The keeper of the loaf:

Becky Ankeny on “Lord”: 

The military mindset of Anglo-Saxons may trouble the peace-lovers among us, but we remember early Quakers participating in the Lamb’s war rather than the English Civil War. We need to be so taken up with the business of our leader that we don’t have time to kill each other over religion and politics, separately or combined.

A conversation on religious wounding

A conversation on religious wounding:

The What Canst Thou Say newsletter is looking at ways Friends hurt one another:

To facilitate healing and moving on from ‘Religious Wounding’ among Friends, we at WCTS would to start a conversation. What have you experienced in Friends meetings? How were those situations managed? What do you suggest to heal these mostly unspoken issues in the Religious Society of Friends?

Unholy fashions among Friends?

Unholy fashions among Friends?:

Nancy Thomas visits with Conservative Friends:

Making a fashion statement is not the point. The testimony, as I understand it, is that we honor God in all we do, including how we dress. The values of simplicity and modesty apply here. I respect how these Friends choose to express this. I’ve tried to accommodate, somewhat successfully. At least, I haven’t felt judged.

After the Climate March, what?

After the Climate March, what?:

David Millar looks at next steps for religious groups working on climate issues:

This does not mean giving up your spirituality and your present leadings. Every little bit counts, including personal transformation, habits of consumption, prayer, support for members of your Meeting, multifaith groups and listening projects… You may feel your bucket is full…ecojustice is now the container, the ‘bucket’ that unites all our concerns.

A Quaker's Testimony of Integrity

A Quaker's Testimony of Integrity:

A blogger named Joy writes about the irony of following the testimony of integrity:

[Sometimes it] also means refusing to place things other than God at the center of one’s life.

The spiritual/activist divide among Friends

The spiritual/activist divide among Friends:

Lynn Fitz-Hugh on two different types of Friends:

Growing up inside Quakerism I saw that Friends I knew fell easily into categories: the social justice Friends for whom that was always what motivated them and the spiritual Friends who gave beautiful ministry but seemed never to take social action. It is unfortunate that in modern day Quakerism that which was bound inextricably in early Quakerism is so easily divided.

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Why Do Primitive Quakers Cling to Traditition?

Started by Jean Yeager in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Jim Wilson 27 minutes ago. 15 Replies

Why do Primitive Quakers cling to tradition? Is it a comforting way to be with one another and speak and practice comforting, known, already practice methods of socializing? I do not know where Primitive Quakers feel that "tradition" leads them and…Continue

Collectively Distracted From The Message and the Mission at times?

Started by Laura Scattergood in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Laura Scattergood on 2nd day (Mon). 5 Replies

http://www.larknews.com/archives/775   A link from the Christian humor parody  news site  "The Lark",   parallel to "The Onion".   Relevant for us I think.  By the way, the site is ran by a…Continue

Friends Journal's "Love in the Belly of the Beast" & Michelle Alexander's "The New Jim Crow"

Started by Mike Shell in Quaker Talk. Last reply by David Nelson Seaman 10th month 14. 5 Replies

Friends, Laura Mangnani has a powerful piece in the September 2014 issue of Friends Journal titled "Love in the Belly of the Beast."  Michelle Alexander's book,…Continue

Tags: prison, racism


Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Keith Saylor 10th month 13. 3 Replies

How do a trinity of gas molecules, two of hydrogen and one of oxygen, under the correct condition become a new substance? The same way that an elder and overseer, along with a prophetic minister, in spiritual righteousness form the life-sustaining…Continue

Tags: Prophetic-Stream


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Going beyond grumbling: the joy of the Quaker way

Steven Davison stops to share the "exquisite joys" of ministry and the gathered meeting: "The… See More
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