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Christ Within You: A Quaker Manifesto

Christ Within You: A Quaker Manifesto:

From George Amoss Jr:

The Quaker way is, then, the way of worship in spirit and in truth. To walk in that way is to walk intentionally and continually in the critical light of the power and wisdom called Christ–a truthful walking that takes us out of the unjust, violent world of selfishness and into the New Jerusalem.

Friends and Armenian relief

Friends and Armenian relief:

At the 100th anniversary of the start of the Armenian genocide is marked worldwide, Friends Library in London shares some of the documents from Quaker work there:

The Library’s collections include records of Friends who, in official or unofficial capacities, observed the effects of persecution and massacres of Armenians in the decades leading up to the 1915 genocide or were involved in relief work with refugees, orphans and the dispossessed.

Cheap Quakerism and Living Tradition

Cheap Quakerism and Living Tradition:

Mark Russ reflects on a recent lecture by Ben Pink Dandelion:

Cheap Quakerism results in pseudo-communities – groups of people who have made no commitment to each other, and therefore don’t spend any time cultivating interpersonal relationships. How can we trust each other if we hardly know each other? How can we be a Society of Friends?

The refuge of community

The refuge of community:

The Malachut blogger gives a modern response to the early Quaker letter from Balby:

The Elders end this advice with"Lest the Truth Suffer"this to me means that we cannot have onne form of the community without the others.Community itself cannot exist without being something without compassion just as much not being a place that goes far beyond it’s borders.

Silence or Stillness as a Spiritual Discipline

Silence or Stillness as a Spiritual Discipline:

Doug Bennett on still worship:

While gathering in stillness didn’t come easily to me as a spiritual practice, I found it more satisfying than going to a conventional worship service. Occasionally going to a Quaker meeting I would hear an unplanned message that was truly amazing: fresh, clear, energized, piercing. Those moments were not made less potent for me by the more numerous ordinary messages I also heard in Meetings.

Liberal vs radical social witness

Liberal vs radical social witness:

Another installment from Steven Davison’s Quaker-pocalypse series:

Liberal social action tends to be respectful, too, if not even a bit deferential. The liberal impulse in witness and outreach seeks not to turn away a seeker who might be made uncomfortable by un-reasonable words and actions, or to seem to disrespect the people with whom we disagree. This is not radical, and I question whether it is the path to renewal.

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Easter and Quakers

Started by Stacey in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Christopher Hatton yesterday. 14 Replies

How many celebrate Easter?Or do you forgo the traditional Christian celebration of Easter? and go with the “traditionally Quakers don't not celebrate any religious holidays because all days are ‘holy days’ .. I know I believe that there is not…Continue

Tags: Easter

Promoting QuakerQuaker and other ministries through Releasing Ministry Alliance

Started by Viv Hawkins in Quaker Talk 4th month 13. 0 Replies

QuakerQuaker's March 30 fundraising appeal was recently amplified by Releasing Ministry Alliance.  Our week 3 mailing with…Continue

Tags: ministry, releasingministry.org, Releasing Ministry Alliance, Releasing, QuakerQuaker

Can I vote for a progressive, African-American President again in 2016?

Started by Olivia in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Olivia 4th month 6. 14 Replies

After hearing an old clip from a comedian who was inspired just after Pres. Obama was first elected... Who was basically saying that we would only be having black presidents from now on...and after recent white-people politician dramas from our…Continue


Culture of Militarism

Posted by Roger Vincent Jasaitis on 4th mo. 24, 2015 at 12:30pm 0 Comments

When Friends Disappoint

Posted by Kevin Camp on 4th mo. 22, 2015 at 11:30am 14 Comments

The Field of Forms

Posted by Keith Saylor on 4th mo. 21, 2015 at 12:19pm 0 Comments


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