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AFSC, race, and Quaker exceptionalism in early 20th century

AFSC, race, and Quaker exceptionalism in early 20th century :

From an interview on a history blog:

Friends deserve tremendous praise for taking unpopular stands and working for interracial equality throughout their history, but that does not make them flawless heroes or even all that different from their contemporaries.

There Is Only Love or Fear

There Is Only Love or Fear:

From Amy Outlaw:

There is only love or fear. One can be in-love, or in-fear. The “powers that be”, the systems of domination that keep recreating themselves for at least the last 5000 years maintain their power over us to the extent that they cause us, humans, to exist in-fear instead of in-love.

Public Witness

Public Witness:

From Julie Rudd of Wilmington Friends in Ohio:

Imagine, if Ivory soap bars were dropped from the studio ceilings every time someone on television suggested that God is in favor of bombing people back to the Stone Age, or concocting increasingly depraved methods of torturing other human beings.’

What can faith communities do to support the Black Lives Matter movement?

What can faith communities do to support the Black Lives Matter movement?:

Greg Elliott of AFSC maps out some ideas after watching “Selma”:

Strategy, tactics, coalition building, and organizing all need to take place but so does gathering in community to tell our stories, be vulnerable, and share new visions that can replace the old ones. Safe spaces for communion, sanctuary, and healing are needed in a world that is too often aggressive, hostile, and dangerous, especially for marginalized communities. What if faith communities can help to create those spaces?

"Is this a women's conference?"

"Is this a women's conference?":

Find out the first thing Johan Maurer looks at when he picks up a religious book:

I love God and the church, but I don’t love the religion industry. I don’t love the many ways that the love of power and money has distorted Christian witness and suppressed spiritual gifts. As an adult convert who grew up in an atheist family, I keep hoping for evidence that this or that manifestation of church life is more than just the very tradecraft that Friends rose up to confront.

New group blog: Meetinghouse.xyz

New group blog: Meetinghouse.xyz:

Said to be from young Quakers in the Pacific Northwest but they’re too coy for an “About” page:

Meetinghouse is a gathered community where we seek — in our sharing, encouraging and listening together — how we might challenge the larger Friends (Quaker) movement to better engage the world on issues of authenticity, community, justice, equality, simplicity, nonviolence, and creation care.

The Power of Yes?

The Power of Yes?:

Gail Rogers shares lessons from teaching First-Day school:

I will carry the knowledge of Benjamin Lay standing barefoot in the snow, a door thrown open with a resounding “Yes! Come on in!” and the joyful life, energy, and uniqueness of children with me from this season into the coming year. I will remember the power of “Yes!”

At home in Quakerism at the AFSC

At home in Quakerism at the AFSC:

Greg Elliott on why he never got into the how Quaker AFSC is debates:

In reality, it’s not that white folks in the Society of Friends are particularly ill-equipped to address these issues. It’s just that we often respond in exactly the same ways most white people respond. In a religious society that prides itself on being a voice of dissent in the dominant culture, it can be hard for us to admit when we sound less like the dissent and more like the culture.

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Solitary Friends

Started by David Anthony in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Richard Thompson 1st month 19. 26 Replies

Hey, Friends!Does anyone else live far away from any meetings or worship groups? I live in Iceland and I can't find any other Quakers here. Sometimes I feel like starting my own outreach program to 'spread the word', but that seems a bit much for…Continue

Come Join Friends on Reddit!

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Come join us on Reddit--we need a more active community and presence:http://www.reddit.com/r/Quakers/Continue

The Activity of God

Started by Forrest Curo in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Keith Saylor 1st month 16. 25 Replies

We know various meanings -- perhaps none of them sounding quite right to us -- for phrases like "The Kingdom of God" or "The World of God."Could people find a better sense, at this point, in a phrase like 'The Activity of God'?Continue

Examining Our Consciences and Recommitting to Peace

Started by Adria Gulizia in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Laura Scattergood 1st month 13. 9 Replies

I just posted this on Facebook and wanted to share it here. I look forward to everyone's thoughts and reflections:Over the past two days, my heart has been aching for the staff of Charlie Hebdo, for the people of Paris and for the people of France.…Continue


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