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The joy of Quaker theology

The joy of Quaker theology:

Steven Davison thinks we should talk about our beliefs: “I get such joy from the life of the mind. And Quaker theology in particular gives me sublime pleasure. I love reading and learning and thinking and teaching and talking about Quaker tradition and the dynamics of Quaker community life. Likewise for the Bible.”

The Quaker now

The Quaker now:

Emerging Diana stops to appreciate what we are: “If we would simply dwell more in the now, Quakerism’s past and future would take care of themselves. (Let the dead bury the dead. Don’t worry about what you will eat and drink but look at the lilies of the field, which toil not. (Stop and look, really look, at the lilies.)) Have we heard this before?”

A common spiritual tongue?

A common spiritual tongue?:

Craig Barnett is searching for a vocabulary: ” A shared language doesn’t imply uniformity of thought or belief. A shared spiritual vocabulary allows us to share our experiences, to support, encourage and challenge each other, and to engage in common practices and dialogues within a diverse community.”

Modern Quakers on voluntary simplicity and tax resistance

Modern Quakers on voluntary simplicity and tax resistance:

The Picket Line blog points out two new articles: “The latest issue of Friends Journal has some articles on people who voluntarily live on a low income, for reasons that include tax resistance. “

V for Variety

V for Variety:

Gil S on an increase of diversity among British Friends:

It is obvious that Quakers in Britain Yearly Meeting now have a much wider variety of spiritual experience and belief than has been the case in the past. This variety is beginning to echo the variety among Quakers worldwide, of which Friends in the UK have often remained unconscious.

Reclaiming the Quaker Apocalyptic Tradition

Reclaiming the Quaker Apocalyptic Tradition:

Matt Hisrich looks to recover some of our early inspiration:

Friends could reclaim some of this spirit of the apocalyptic today and speak powerfully and impactfully to the broader culture. This is a world in which unheard of things are happening and traditional narratives are breaking down. 

Christmas and Ferguson

Christmas and Ferguson:

Johan Maurer asks whether our good news has something to say to the world:

If we remember the actual Gospel story, the Ferguson eruptions are not a scandalous interruption in the Christmas celebrations, they are a breaking-in of human reality. Either the Gospel directly relates to this reality or it doesn’t; dear Church, which is it?

Are Quakers Going Extinct?

Are Quakers Going Extinct?:

Micah Bales thinks the panic is good for us:

This is exactly where this Meeting, where all of us, need to be: staring death in the face. For hundreds of years, the Quaker movement has stagnated and declined, and time and again we have responded with panic. We’ve tried all sorts of things to save Quakerism.

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Brethren And Sistren!

Started by Laura Scattergood in Quaker Talk 19 hours ago. 0 Replies

Heed the call! Send some Cash! Martin works Hard! Pay With Your Card So,  those of us who been meaning to chip in, now's the time.   Being the scrooge that I am, don't celebrate the pagan Christmas, so don't have the cash drain, decided this was the…Continue

Links to info about 5 Quaker-Founded Intentional Communities

Started by Laura Scattergood in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Laura Scattergood on 2nd day (Mon). 6 Replies

Two I have visited, three I just know about, these are a few among many.  Generally Quaker-founded, Quaker-influenced, but generally not demanding identification as Quaker for membership.  Article one is about Tanguy Homesteads and the other one,  I…Continue

Should We Try...

Started by Forrest Curo in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Forrest Curo 12th month 10. 22 Replies

Should we, a decade or so ago, call for a moratorium on Quaker grannies flying about to visit grandchildren and/or to Appreciate the world?[See…Continue

When You Wish upon a Star: The Projection Theory of Religion, by Winston Davis

Started by Mike Shell in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Mike Shell 12th month 3. 5 Replies

In “Darwin’s Dog, or the Evolution of Religion,” Part 1 of his "Religion, Briefly Considered" blog series on…Continue

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Heed the call! Send some Cash! Martin works Hard! Pay With Your Card So,  those of us who been…See More
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