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Embracing our enormous power

Embracing our enormous power:

Clark Reddy urges us to recognize our power and acknowledge the responsibility that comes with it: “Oppression is not my fault, and yet I remain responsible for the power that I have been given, even if I did not ask for it. In accordance with my sense of the Quaker testimony of integrity, I cannot know of this power that I have and of the suffering in the world and do nothing.”

Keeping it face-to-face

Keeping it face-to-face:

Joshua Brown on the human connection in pastoral care: “As Friends consider new patterns of ministry for the 21st century – new forms of worship, new spiritual communities, new ways to organize – I hope that we’ll remember that direct, person-to-person care is one of the most important ministries of all.”

Pastoral Authority in Unprogrammed Friends

Pastoral Authority in Unprogrammed Friends:

Ashley Wilcox looks at what happens to the duties of pastor in an unprogrammed meeting: In my site, Atlanta Friends Meeting, there is no pastoral staff. Paul stated that the pastoral nature of Quakerism is that the community cares for itself instead of having a designated pastor or minister to provide care. Thus, every Friend has an obligation to support the community.”

Going Back to Germantown Meeting | Doug Bennett

Going Back to Germantown Meeting | Doug Bennett:

'I see more clearly now what it means to make a commitment.'

The danger of false heros

The danger of false heros:

Johan Maurer on short-circuiting discernment: “False heroism demonstrates operational atheism. False heroes theoretically agree with established norms and processes in public, but behind the scenes they may be conspiring the same old way, talking with trusted allies, lining up all the ducks in a row to pre-empt the decision-making process, as if the Holy Spirit can’t be trusted to work through the larger body.”

Why Do Quakers Have Testimonies?

Why Do Quakers Have Testimonies?:

Derek Parker says we shouldn’t look at Quaker testimonies like a rulebook: “The Testimonies may influence people in terms of what we do, or do not do, but they are not simplistically a list of rules. To reduce the Testimonies to rules, is to make them into a purity code by which we measure and pass judgment on ourselves and others. And a preoccupation with passing judgment is seldom a health practice.”

Romanticizing a culture but inspired nonetheless?

Romanticizing a culture but inspired nonetheless?:

QVS volunteer Hye Sung Francis on the attraction of Friends: “It is no secret that I have been interested in Quaker history and spirituality for a few years now. How George Fox, Margaret Fell, and Robert Barclay articulated the gospel of Jesus Christ does not just resonate with me but inspires me—and the same goes with their, and other Quakers’, stories.”

Bay Area AFSC newsletter profiles activist David Hartsough

Bay Area AFSC newsletter profiles activist David Hartsough:

A look at a long-time Quaker activist: “I asked what being a lifelong Quaker has meant to him. He explained that Quakers try to speak out for justice and peace in the world. ‘Quakers believe that all people are created by God. We’re all children of God, so we are brothers and sisters. So we have a responsibility to one another if someone is hungry or in prison or in a war zone.’”

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Started by James C Schultz in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Robben Wainer 14 hours ago. 16 Replies

Back in February I started planting hot peppers from seed.  I believe I started with 17 varieties of vegetables, most of them peppers.  We have been harvesting the peppers since July and have found that everyone in the house can handle a different…Continue


Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk. Last reply by James C Schultz 14 hours ago. 13 Replies

Just as the opposite of love is indifference, not hate; so the opposite of openness to divine guidance is religious fanaticism. Robert A. Johnson, a Jungian analyst, writes in "Owning Your Own Shadow": Fanaticism always indicates unconscious…Continue

Tags: MonsterInc.

Uncomfortable Silence

Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Clem Gerdelmann 9th month 16. 9 Replies

1870's "Mission Meetings"(referenced in 1993 James Backhouse Lecture, "Living The Way: Quaker Spirituality And Community") were to Quaker Outreach as today's Mission Statements are to Branding.Somehow, silence is both needed for deep connection to…Continue

Tags: Branded-Quakerism

Quaker Scissorhands

Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Forrest Curo 9th month 15. 6 Replies

To quote Samuel D. Caldwell in "The Inward Light": In effect, it(pseudo-universalism) denies all religions by affirming all equally and embracing none.Continue

Tags: Fencing-For-Friends


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