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Let’s Get Real

Let’s Get Real:
David McKay on what we mean when we call something real: I am going to suggest to you that the word “real” is essentially a Purity Code strategy. It is used to distinguish a subgroup from another subgroup, to draw boundary lines, and to establish one subgroup is having the rights and privileges against the others

Epistle to the United Methodist Church

Epistle to the United Methodist Church:
New England Friends write an open letter to Methodists struggling with controversy:
In recent years our own congregations have wrestled alongside the wider Church with how we might together find right relationship among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and straight members of our communities. The road has not been easy for any of us.

The well of love

The well of love:
From Mike Farley: Perhaps we need to be prepared to extend to each other that openness which we so readily extend to those of other backgrounds in faith, and allow each other freely to use whatever language springs from our hearts in worship

WW1 conscientious objector graffiti at Richmond Castle to be preserved

WW1 conscientious objector graffiti at Richmond Castle to be preserved:
As reported by the BBC: Sunderland centre-forward Norman Gaudie, a Quaker, was one of the men held at Richmond Castle before being shipped to France to face court-martial and the threat of firing squad.

Political discipleship today

Political discipleship today:
Johan Maurer with suggestions for keeping spiritual sanity in the election season: My daily ration of Internet traffic is full of dire warnings that a Trump presidency would be a national and international disaster. Bitter exchanges between nobody-but-Sanders advocates and “get real! Vote for Clinton to avoid Trump” campaigners are another major feature of the season. Here are some reflections and suggestions on behalf of spiritual and political sanity between now and the general election.

Ministry as Answering

Ministry as Answering:
Jan Wood on the way God speaks to us: The work of ministry is not to make “God happen,” but rather to join what God is already doing in others and in the world.  To paraphrase Mary Kate Morse of George Fox Evangelical Seminary,  the job of ministry is not to make the wonder, but name the wonder that God is already doing. We live in a world that has much darkness, yet if we have eyes to see God is amazingly active in our world. 

Blocking and Quakerism as a “No” Tradition

Blocking and Quakerism as a “No” Tradition:
Wess Daniels on a problem in Quaker process: It is easy to be comfortable with the status quo and I have seen our unwillingness to respond quickly to the moment, act in ad hoc ways, and be decisive around decisions as being chalked up to “we need to honor process?” But this can easily move into blocking territory. Afterall, Quakerism is itself a lot like improv in that it is a tradition that calls for paying attention in the moment, being obedient when one is led and stresses the immediacy of the Holy Spirit.

Be Patterns and Examples and Answer that of God in Everyone

Be Patterns and Examples and Answer that of God in Everyone:
Stuart Masters reinterprets the 1656 George Fox epistle that gave us one of our modern Quaker talking points: To understand what Fox is trying to communicate with these words, it is important to place them within the context of the whole letter. In this blog post, I have produced a modern English paraphrase of the epistle which is set out below followed by the original text.

Christian Earth Stewardship—A Dead End

Christian Earth Stewardship—A Dead End:
Steven Davison described changing his mind on a theological position: I spent years studying the gospels, trying not to force some revelation, but to read them in the spirit in which they were written, waiting to see what G*d would reveal, following the openings that G*d gifted me with. I did not find an earthcare message in Jesus’ gospel; it’s just not there.

Thoughts (and excuses) about my church attendance

Thoughts (and excuses) about my church attendance:
Hye Sung Francis admits his meeting attendance rate isn’t good: Perhaps my idealism sets me up for such disappointment, and perhaps this decision reveals the individualistic nature of my “millennial” faith, and maybe that’s all true. What I know for certain is that church, as I’ve experienced it, is unhelpful to me.

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A Diagnosis

Started by Forrest Curo in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Forrest Curo on 1st day (Sun). 13 Replies

We trust in oracles of stone, in names of air, electrical abundances of nothing yet faith eludes us; hope remains a treacherous enticement to futility and vain regrets. Faith I tell you truly is different -- That lost sense disparaged and…Continue

Reflections on the Transgender Conflict

Started by Daniel Wilcox in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Daniel Wilcox 5th month 16. 7 Replies

Wednesday, May 11, 2016Reflections on the Transgender ConflictThe transgender conflict is currently…Continue

Tags: scholarship, propaganda, mind, sexuality, smog


Started by Forrest Curo in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Howard Brod 5th month 9. 1 Reply

What did I gain, to find my soul within a perfect dying world?-- With God (my only hands) immobilized by wisdom everything and nothing remains undone. Violence rules peacefully over poisoned earth and yet I know where Life is from and trust the…Continue

Bible Revisited...

Started by Forrest Curo in Quaker Talk. Last reply by David McKay 5th month 2. 55 Replies

We've had some talk recently about distinctively "Quaker" ways of interpreting the Bible.So far as I understand it, this suggests the following model of the situation: 1) Early Friends were inspired by the Spirit to read the Christian Bible as a…Continue


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