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Quaker physicist George Ellis on science and ethics

Quaker physicist George Ellis on science and ethics:

The prominent Quaker scientist on differences between empirical methods and ethics: “Attempts to explain values in terms of neuroscience or evolutionary theory in fact have nothing whatever to say about what is good or bad. That is a philosophical or religious question. And they cannot for example tell you, from a scientific basis, what should be done about Israel or Syria today. That effort would be a category mistake.”

A way forward re:sexuality controversies

A way forward re:sexuality controversies:

Gregg Koskela is back from Northwest Yearly Meeting sessions: “So as we wait for God’s Spirit to bring us to unity, we also wish to humble ourselves before God in confession and repentance.”

Friends General Conference comments on GFU controversy

Friends General Conference comments on GFU controversy:

The association of liberal Friends affirms its understanding of gender and sexuality: “As fellow Quakers, we remain respectfully in formal and informal dialogue on issues such as these. It is the hope of many FGC Quakers that our society as a whole will embrace the fullness and diversity of God’s creation.”

Housing Dispute Puts Quaker University at Front of Fight Over Transgender Issues

Housing Dispute Puts Quaker University at Front of Fight Over Transgender Issues:

In NYTimes article, Jaycen explains why he’s persevering:

I want other transgender and L.G.B.T.Q. people to see that they can have a place in faith-based education. The fact that I’m here is proof of that.

A Quaker looks at assisted dying

A Quaker looks at assisted dying:

Jill Seeger looks at the moral complexities around a “good death”:

The question of what constitutes a ‘good death’ and how we deal with the issues around end-of-life suffering are complex. Not least, I think, because we are still emerging from reacting to death as our Victorian forebears did to sex. 

How should I work for peace?

How should I work for peace?:

Secret Quaker explores the options for pacifist action:

It would seem ironic that it is so easy to campaign for peace in a very aggressive way. Shouting down someone who has a different opinion, vilifying an individual because they seem an obvious target or throwing bricks at the police, has never seemed to me as very different from eliminating your opposition in battle.

Hope and fear for a yearly meeting gathering

Hope and fear for a yearly meeting gathering:

Nancy Thomas feelings ahead of Northwest Yearly Meeting sessions:

Part of my nature as a poet embraces the ambiguity and basks in God’s silence. But that doesn’t work so well when we’re faced with the concrete need to revise Faith and Practice. And the longing to stay together, even in the midst of controversy.

GFU & transgender

GFU & transgender:

Cherice Bock clears up some confusions on the George Fox University housing controversy and asks for prayers during the upcoming annual sessions.

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Before Religion, by Brent Nongbri

Started by Mike Shell in Quaker Talk 16 hours ago. 0 Replies

A review of Before Religion: A History of a Modern Concept, by Brent Nongbri, published on…Continue

out damn spot!

Started by Olivia in Quaker Talk. Last reply by James C Schultz on 6th day (Fri). 19 Replies

I think it's time to start talking about casting out demons.  I've been sitting on this topic for a looooooooooooong time.   :-DDoes anyone want to start?   ha haBackground / where i'm coming from: - experience as a spiritual intuitive/psychic and…Continue

Plain Magazine back issues

Started by Roy Henderson in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Kristen McLewin 7th month 18. 4 Replies

I am new here so I am not certain of protocol. I do have ten or eleven back issues of Plain Magazine that I have read completely. I am willing to share these magazines with whomever might wish to read them. There are very good articles in my…Continue

Lesson Planning for my Grandkids, Ruby Bridges

Started by Laura Scattergood in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Laura Scattergood 7th month 18. 2 Replies

Hi Everyone,I was just getting excited about planning story time for my grandchildren when I realized I hadn't read the "Ruby Bridges" story by Robert Coles to them as yet. (Robert Coles has written a lot of moral development in children.)  I then…Continue


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