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Video: Quaker Myths Busted

Video: Quaker Myths Busted:

A 2015 graduate of George School in Pennsylvania drew the artwork for this animated intro to Quakers.

Northwest YM senior pastor Gil George resigns

Northwest YM senior pastor Gil George resigns:

Some of the reasons for the well-known blogger’s resignation are personal, others touch the heart of some of the controversies in Northwest:

My value of diverse opinions on scriptural interpretation. My desire to give people the space and time to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit for themselves without mediation. The pressure to be an enforcer of rules rather than a healer of souls.

On Yearly Meetings "Releasing" Meetings

On Yearly Meetings "Releasing" Meetings:

From Ashley Wilcox: “I am encouraged by the faithful response of individuals and meetings saying that these decisions will not stand. But there are a lot of wounded people right now. If we say we are Friends, we’d better listen for the voice of the Spirit together.”

Another Divorce in the Family

Another Divorce in the Family:

From a blog called Quaker Parenting:

It’s heartbreaking to watch division grow; to watch a divorce in the making. I’ve witnessed this occur literally in my childhood and young adult life. It’s a hardening of hearts. It’s a lack of communication. It’s whatever the exact opposite of reconciliation is. It’s horrible.

Quakerism as a Charismatic Tradition?

Quakerism as a Charismatic Tradition?:

From Hye Sung Francis:

Quakerism follows this thread seen throughout the Church history where disciples sought the Spirit’s power for their lives and ministries so ardently that the intervention of God became expected.

Do we have enough hard conversations?

Do we have enough hard conversations?:

John Pattison with a post obliquely referring to recent events in Northwest Yearly Meeting:

I used to think that the Church disagreed too much. But lately I’ve been thinking that we disagree too little. Or, more accurately, I’m starting to believe that having hard conversations needs to be part of the day-in-day-out life of a Christian community.

Spirit, Authority, and Northwest Yearly Meeting

Spirit, Authority, and Northwest Yearly Meeting:

An East Coast Friend shares thoughts on marriage and yearly meeting politics:

For one, as I said in an earlier post, God’s will actually has changed when it comes to the definition of marriage. At least, that’s the apparent message one gets from tracking the changes evident in the Bible. So, also, with the status of slaves and of women in the Bible. And the impulse to collective violence and war.

How do Quakers talk to their children about "God"?

How do Quakers talk to their children about "God"?:

A Reddit parent looks for advice:

I have complicated ideas about God. I use the term “God” as an easily recognizable cultural shorthand, but I guess in truth I don’t really believe in “God” in the traditional sense: you know, Creator of heaven and earth, looks down on us, intervenes on our behalf, judges, etc.

Phil Gulley: Without a Hitch

Phil Gulley: Without a Hitch:

The popular Quaker author writes about performing a same-sex wedding:

What struck me most about the wedding was the normalcy of it. The singers sang the same songs; we pastors prayed the same prayers; the women cried the same tears; the men gave the same bored sighs and wished they were home puttering in their garages.

too many chiefs

too many chiefs:

Emerging Quaker Diane on being different at Ohio Yearly Meeting:

I felt more at home in my difference and more convinced the yearly meeting needs the difference I represent. I am very clear too that my at this point that my meeting role is a quiet one: to pray, to be present, to support. This is all to the good: the Quakers have too many chiefs as it is.

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What's Wrong That Keeps This From Sounding RIght?

Started by Forrest Curo in Quaker Talk. Last reply by James C Schultz 4 hours ago. 3 Replies

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you. For every one who asks, receives; and he who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, it will be opened. Or what one of you, if his son asks him for…Continue

IT concerns at Yearly Meeting level

Started by Kirby Urner in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Kirby Urner 8 hours ago. 1 Reply

Greetings Friends --We've had considerable interest on our NPYM (North Pacific Yearly Meeting) discussion listserv regarding matters IT (Information Technology).  npym-it-discuss was created for that purpose, as a Google Group.We have 2.5 working…Continue

Tags: database, Drupal, technology, information, IT

Friends' Ideas About Poverty?

Started by Forrest Curo in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Forrest Curo 8th month 21. 2 Replies

JD Crossan said Jesus had a couple of words available for saying "Blessed are the poor." One refered to people in a 'not rich, but we work hard and get by' situation. But what Jesus evidently said was "Blessed are the destitute" -- blessing the…Continue


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Video: Quaker Myths Busted

A 2015 graduate of George School in Pennsylvania drew the artwork for this animated intro to… See More
Forrest Curo replied to Forrest Curo's discussion 'What's Wrong That Keeps This From Sounding RIght?'
"If God 'isn't the one,' wouldn't that 'other' one be God's…"

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