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PNC to cut back financing of mountaintop removal

PNC to cut back financing of mountaintop removal:

The Earth Quaker Action Team has been lobbying the bank for years:

The move is seen as a victory by anti-coal activists as PNC joins a growing group of banks that formerly loaned collective billions to coal extraction companies and say they are cutting back on the practice.

A story incomplete: Virginia Alexander's life among Friends

A story incomplete: Virginia Alexander's life among Friends:

In the AFSC blog, the story of pioneering Friend:

Even though Dr. Alexander graduated from two elite universities, cared for Quakers in her medical practice, and was very active in Quaker circles, she was still not welcomed by all into a religious community that she claimed as her own.

Quaker grey, Bolivian style

Quaker grey, Bolivian style:

Nancy Thomas shows off some fancy shawls:

A beautiful shawl tells people, “I’ve arrived. I’m important.” If the Quaker value for understatement and plainness is to catch on here, it has to come from within the culture, not imposed from the outside. In the meantime, I, personally, enjoy the display.

A Methodist take on clearness committees

A Methodist take on clearness committees:

Danny E Morris tries out the Quaker practice in his Methodist church:

The clearness committee was introduced to our congregation through a sermon on Communion Sunday. The history of its origin, the unique features that give it spiritual power, and a step-by-step description of the process were essential elements of the initial introduction.

Equality and employee fairness

Equality and employee fairness:

Gordon Ferguson writes of pickets at London’s Friend House:

There is a world of difference between being nice to people and treating them equally, and at the end of the day Friends House Hospitality are merely ‘unprofitable servants’ doing their duty by by law and good practice.

Keeping to meeting

Keeping to meeting:

From the Malachut blog:

They needed no building except for that temple they built as their hearts joined in the union of silence.A meeting for worship has some versatility it can be done anywhere a park,a waterfall,a bus,a subway etc

Living in a Time of Crisis

Living in a Time of Crisis:

From Mike Farley

How can one little person make any difference in so great an issue, and in any case, how can anyone, individually or collectively, know what might make a difference? The answer seems to me to be found in the silence that lies at the heart of all we do as Friends – that lies at the heart, in fact, of all experiential faith of whatever era or persuasion.


Social Media and facebook

Started by Stacey in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Stacey 23 hours ago. 2 Replies

I recently left facebook again for the millionth time.I think its good to limit my internet presence as a way to scale down and simplify my life.I was so annoyed by the horrible people online especially on facebook. I joined some of the Quaker…Continue

Greetings friends! from a U.K plain living, dressing & covered Christian

Started by Darcy in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Stacey yesterday. 8 Replies

Blessings to you in the name of Jesus! I am a plain living Anabaptist in the UK, fulfilling a calling and living for the Lord. I am hoping to find other believers, especially those Plain and also those who believe in the cover movement, and farmers,…Continue

Your Gd is your Libido

Started by Laura Scattergood in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Laura Scattergood on 1st day (Sun). 5 Replies

Dear Friends,Wasn't there a time when Jesus asked followers whether they came to him to fill their bellies?   Or perhaps accused them of doing so,  I notice that there is a post here today from a Friend who, in a forum that I am not a part of,…Continue

What Does The "Inner Light" or "That Of God Within" Mean To You?

Started by William Peale in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Olivia on 7th day (Sat). 3 Replies

Here's a question for everyone from a new Friend. What exactly is "The Inner Light" or "That Of God Within?"Yes, I've read the "Faith And Practice" book and know the printed definition. However, I'm curious what folks here at QuakerQuaker would have…Continue


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