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The spiritual/activist divide among Friends

The spiritual/activist divide among Friends:

Lynn Fitz-Hugh on two different types of Friends: “Growing up inside Quakerism I saw that Friends I knew fell easily into categories: the social justice Friends for whom that was always what motivated them and the spiritual Friends who gave beautiful ministry but seemed never to take social action. It is unfortunate that in modern day Quakerism that which was bound inextricably in early Quakerism is so easily divided. “

Energizing, Equipping and Connecting for the Work of God

Energizing, Equipping and Connecting for the Work of God:

The staff leader of the largest association of Friends looks at the challenges ahead: “Community is tough work, whether that clan consists of three people, 30 people, 30 meetings/churches or 30 yearly meetings … It is the source of some of our greatest joy and our deepest heartache. I think it is a severe mercy that will either break us apart or transform us.”

The amazing absence of Quaker worship

The amazing absence of Quaker worship:

Craig Barnett on going through the Quaker motions: “It is easy to have the form of a Quaker meeting without the reality. On the surface, a group of people sitting in a circle, perhaps with someone occasionally standing up to speak, looks like Quaker worship. But an authentic meeting for worship is much more demanding than it appears; it requires the whole group of worshippers to faithfully practise the disciplines of listening and speaking.”

Hye Sung Francis: Speak in Tongues, or Wait in Silence?

Hye Sung Francis: Speak in Tongues, or Wait in Silence?:

"I like speaking in tongues. There are times, though, where I need to not speak in tongues and embrace silence. Silence can be a bit more challenging."

Writing down a traditional Quaker Christianity

Writing down a traditional Quaker Christianity:

Patricia Dallmann looks at a new resource from Ohio Friends: “This book would be helpful for anyone wanting a readable introduction to or comprehensive overview of the original tenets of Quaker Christianity, and the sustaining practices that have evolved in Ohio Yearly Meeting.”

A story in pictures of the recent @eqat Earth Quakers action

A story in pictures of the recent @eqat Earth Quakers action:

Photos of the street theater for a climate change action in NYC last week: “90+ EQATers from near and far took action today!  We found PNC guilty of Climate Disruption.  PNC Bank, when will you be the green bank you claim to be?”

Wailing as a Quaker

Wailing as a Quaker:

Gil George talks about making space for raw emotions: “The Friends have had a rough history with emotionalism, and by not allowing any space for it in our meetings it comes out in unhealthy ways. When the overly emotionial revivals and charismatic movements came through, we ended up being split by them because there were some people among us who desperately needed a place to carry their raw emotions before God and their community.”

Sitting still – or not

Sitting still – or not:

Stephanie explains that sitting still isn’t the goal of silent worship:

Being physically still is a tool to an inner stillness, which is itself a tool to an awareness of something that is otherwise blocked or hidden by the constant activity and busyness of my mind and body. If I try too hard to keep my body still that effort is in itself a distraction and defeats the purpose.

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San Diego Quakers

Started by Stacey in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Forrest Curo 4 hours ago. 5 Replies

Wonder if there are any Quakers on this site in San Diego? And if you have attended Quaker meetings here, or been to Evangelical Friends Church. Thoughts on the best place to visit? Continue

Swarthmore Lecture - Ben Pink Dandelion

Started by Stephanie Stuckwisch in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Laura Scattergood on 1st day (Sun). 7 Replies

Has anyone else listened to Ben Pink Dandelion's presentation?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRO-lGD9emMIt was a very challenging critique of modern Quakerism. I found myself agreeing with…Continue

Tags: Liberal

Quakers: The Video Game

Started by Aaron Clark in Poetry & Arts Wall. Last reply by Susann 9th month 25. 12 Replies

 The award-winning Rainbow Six franchise returns, with Quakers.Summary: It's 2010. When war breaks out in South America, an elite team recruited from the Religious Society of Friends finds themselves headed for a non-violent confrontation with the…Continue


Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Forrest Curo 9th month 23. 15 Replies

Just as the opposite of love is indifference, not hate; so the opposite of openness to divine guidance is religious fanaticism. Robert A. Johnson, a Jungian analyst, writes in "Owning Your Own Shadow": Fanaticism always indicates unconscious…Continue

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A Quaker view of Jubilee

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The Nonviolent Life

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Stormy Meeting

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