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Carolina Friends School in Durham confronts reports of decades-old sexual abuse

Carolina Friends School in Durham confronts reports of decades-old sexual abuse:

In the news, a Friends School talks openly about past school abuse:

The alumnus said he’s upset the principal has not acknowledged the accusations. But he said he doesn’t regret sending his original message. ‘If you read Quaker literature, they spell ‘Truth’ in the uppercase – the implication of divinity,’ he said, ‘that it is a holy thing to continue that search for truth.’

Video: Why is everyone in my meeting over 50?

Video: Why is everyone in my meeting over 50?:

A panel discussion at the recent Friends General Conference Gathering.

Church hoppers visit Friends

Church hoppers visit Friends:

A “church-hopping” couple visit Friends

She “was surprised by how spiritually nourishing those fifteen minutes felt. I imagined myself opening a conduit directly to God” while he talks of his astonishment at learning about liberal Quakers: “I had no idea there was such a thing! Of course, the first thing that came to mind was oatmeal.”

The 'Palestinian Gandhi' Who Still Believes Non-Violence Is the Answer

The 'Palestinian Gandhi' Who Still Believes Non-Violence Is the Answer:

Mubarak’s wife Nancy Nye Awad was principal of the Friends Girls School in Ramallah in the 1980s. He writes of his childhood:

“It was horrible for me. For five or six years, I never had a full stomach. I never had enough to eat. But because of my respect for my mother, I always pushed hard for nonviolence. Not only me, but my brothers, two of whom now head Christian institutions in the occupied territories.”

Climate change and heart changes

Climate change and heart changes:

John Edminster on climate and human selfishness:

 In a word, we’re choking on human selfishness: there are just too many people saying Me First.

Engaging with young adult Friends

Engaging with young adult Friends:

Madeline Schaefer urges Quaker gatherings to include younger Friends:

It became clear to me that, rather than creating “young adult” mini institutions within larger Quaker ones, the way to fully engage with and energize young adult Quakers is for those institutions to adapt and enlarge the scope of their identity to recognize and embrace the vision of its young people.

A five-year plan for Friends?

A five-year plan for Friends?:

Zachary Dutton argues U.S. Friends organizations should be less siloed:

It is time to acknowledge that the future and life of Liberal Quakerism rests in our coordination. Organizations have become siloed, but this is easily remedied. Our yearly meetings, external organizations, and educational institutions need to begin setting broad strategy together.

Simplicity as equality in a U.S. courtroom

Simplicity as equality in a U.S. courtroom:

North Carolina lawyer Scott Holmes explains why he doesn’t wear a tie in court:

What I started learning really quickly was that it wasn’t about simplicity, it was more about equality. That the tie is this symbol of male power and I started learning from my female attorney friends as they were laughing at my experiment—how women attorneys have to think about their dress everyday.

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Conservative but not?

Started by Anne in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Anne yesterday. 10 Replies

My confusion with the terms is obvious. I've spent so long trying to fit with Conservatives but not taking things as far or as seriously as they.I feel the written things I've seen on being a Conservative Quaker are good and solid, I can feel like…Continue

Tags: Quakers, Conservative

Pick Your Power

Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk 8th month 20. 0 Replies

U.S. stinks, but not pretty, in spite of its frequent fireworks displays. We sniff for the smoking gun for our bold news; fire off ammo rounds and explode infrastructure with a patented power source. Gunpowder is our God-power; our War on Terrorism…Continue

Tags: New-smell-Quakerism

The Tenderizer

Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk 8th month 17. 0 Replies

Have, of necessity(for dog-walking assignment), researched the Staffordshire Bull Terrier - only to find that its original breeding was for the purpose of tenderizing bulls and bears(and I don't mean in financial markets)!!!A loving creature to…Continue

Tags: Lost&Found

Drinking Water

Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk 8th month 16. 0 Replies

Frederick Douglas, the renowned abolitionist, astutely concluded, "...all the qualities which men usually ascribed to God, they first find within themselves."WARNING: Unless first purified of self, spiritual thirst for personal experience can be…Continue


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