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Remaining hopeful in trans* controversy

Remaining hopeful in trans* controversy:

Clark R says liberal Friends need to stay engaged with George Fox University: “Despite how horrifying many aspects of this situation are, I am choosing to remain hopeful. I do not wish to unequivocally condemn GFU as awful and discriminatory and therefore a lost cause.”

Prophesy and Quaker discernment

Prophesy and Quaker discernment:

A look at social action and Quaker process from Anthony Manousos: “My response to that question is that Friends involved in peace and justice work often feel disengaged from the corporate body. What I have observed in my many years as Peace Committee clerk is that many Friends have individual callings to work on this or that cause, and are not aware of how our Quaker practices and process helps us to become interconnected as a religious community.”

Johan Maurer reports back from Northwest Yearly Meeting

Johan Maurer reports back from Northwest Yearly Meeting:

A Quaker look at controversies bubbling in the background:

Our yearly meeting sessions were probably not as dramatic as reporters might have hoped, but in a spiritual sense they were very dramatic indeed. Controversies over sexual minorities have cut a swath through many Christian denominations. Maybe our little Quaker body has not yet felt the full force of this storm, but my interim report is that we are firmly resisting the polarizing forces.

Are Friends open to new leadership and ideas?

Are Friends open to new leadership and ideas?:

Scott Wagoner looks at our unwillingness to embrace risk:

It often reveals itself when someone new to Quakerism assumes a leadership role, and their new ideas are met with suspicion and ambivalence. We love having new folks in leadership and on committees; we’re just not too comfortable with new ideas and approaches to ministry. It would just be easier if the new leadership would simply implement the old and familiar ways.

Pursuing new legal options for conscientious objection

Pursuing new legal options for conscientious objection:

Roger Vincent Jasaitis thinks Quakers should look at legal redress for war taxes:

What avenues need to be explored to test this argument in our legal system? Can we sometime in the near-future legally pursue our conscientious objection to war through not paying taxes to fund military activity but by paying taxes to fund peace processes?

Are we reacting to the wrong type of Christianity?

Are we reacting to the wrong type of Christianity?:

Craig Barnett suggests we may be missing the Quaker view of Christianity:

The most interesting aspect of these conflicting attitudes is that both those Friends who reject Christianity and those who defend it often share an understanding of Christianity that was explicitly rejected by the first Quakers.

Silence and silencing

Silence and silencing:

Philip Austin on justice and joy:

As our discussion became a little heated, the Friend who was clerking/facilitating suggested a period of quiet. After a short while, one non-Quaker friend burst out with frustration; they felt that we were being told to shut up, that legitimate, if divergent, views were not being heard. Can Quakers use quietness in this way, even if unconsciously, more often than we realise?

Is God the elephant in the room?

Is God the elephant in the room?:

John Edminister thinks we may have two “elephants” to content with:

The second unmentionable elephant in the room is the Deceiver. I have no inside information on his – or its – nature or ontological status: has ‘he’ a consciousness, a will-to-power, a hatred of all that God loves? Is he/it merely a life-defiling, truth-denying, soulless algorithm generated by the collective unconscious of fallen humanity?

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Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk 11 hours ago. 0 Replies

Taken from D. Elton Trueblood's "The Validity of Christian Mission": Religious experience turns sour if it stands alone, and the man who worships only the God within ends by worshipping himself.... Continue


Started by David Nelson Seaman in Quaker Talk on 4th day (Wed). 0 Replies


Before Religion, by Brent Nongbri

Started by Mike Shell in Quaker Talk on 2nd day (Mon). 0 Replies

A review of Before Religion: A History of a Modern Concept, by Brent Nongbri, published on…Continue

out damn spot!

Started by Olivia in Quaker Talk. Last reply by James C Schultz 7th month 25. 19 Replies

I think it's time to start talking about casting out demons.  I've been sitting on this topic for a looooooooooooong time.   :-DDoes anyone want to start?   ha haBackground / where i'm coming from: - experience as a spiritual intuitive/psychic and…Continue


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Taken from D. Elton Trueblood's "The Validity of Christian Mission": Religious experience turns…See More
11 hours ago
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Remaining hopeful in trans* controversy

Clark R says liberal Friends need to stay engaged with George Fox University: "Despite how… See More
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