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The Quaker life

The Quaker life:

Madeline Schaefer on the Quaker way:

After all, we are searching for a true way to live, not a code of ethics. And we will not find answers in words, but in life itself. The Truth, therefore, is something that we live, every day, in our own time.

Followers of a gentle agent of peace

Followers of a gentle agent of peace:

Emerging Diane reports from Ohio Yearly Meeting:

Nevertheless, and for all our blunders, we represent a form of Christianity with a message that the world desperately needs. We are not the Christianity of power, politics and prestige that Dorothy Sollee has deemed “Christo-fascism.” Instead, we are a group following a gentle agent of peace and forgiveness who cared for the broken and called them his friends.

Trusting the giving process

Trusting the giving process:

Gil George on public holiness and donations:

When we don’t let our left hand know what the right hand is doing in our giving we are exercising a very important act of trust. We are expressing a trust that God will be glorified and we trust that the right things will be done in God’s church without our exerting financial influence over the process.

A warning against Quaker secularism and individualism

A warning against Quaker secularism and individualism:

A report on Ben Pink Dandelion’s major talk at the British Quaker Gathering from Craig Barnett:

It includes an explicit call to resist secularism and individualism, and to recover a clearer sense of our identity as a religious community with a specific understanding of our shared faith; ‘Maybe we’ve too much said ‘we love you and who would you like us to be?’ rather than, ‘we love you and this is who we are – you’re welcome to join if that works for you.’

Is capitalism a cancer?

Is capitalism a cancer?:

Steven Davison looks at unbridled consumption:

The deeper question is how can we redefine wealth as weal-th, as well-being for all organisms on Mother Earth, without embodying this well-being in things that must be produced and consumed, in experiences that must be produced and purchased?

A prayer for Hiroshima Day

A prayer for Hiroshima Day:

John Edminster repents for our first nuclear war:

Inasmuch as we’d done it to our neighbors in these two cities, we’d done it to our God, our Source and Refuge. And by ‘my people’ I understood not “the people of the United States” but all the people with hearts and minds like mine, a whole world of revenge-takers, scapegoaters, finger-pointers, grudge-holders and preemptive-strikers.

Activism vs contemplation

Activism vs contemplation:

Jim Wilson takes the contemplative path:

From a contemplative view the central practices of the Quaker tradition, such as silent prayer, inspired speaking, and communal commitments, serve the function of keeping members focused on God, His Presence, His Love, and his Eternal Grace.

Is intentional ambiguity built into Quaker process?

Is intentional ambiguity built into Quaker process?:

Nancy Thomas on waiting for clear path forward:

Quaker process, however you define it, seems to allow for slow movements and time to let the Spirit work. This may clash with the values of our surrounding culture, but so much of Quakerism does. Or speaking more broadly, many of the values of the whole kingdom of God clash with whatever culture we happen to swim around in.

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Pick Your Power

Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk yesterday. 0 Replies

U.S. stinks, but not pretty, in spite of its frequent fireworks displays. We sniff for the smoking gun for our bold news; fire off ammo rounds and explode infrastructure with a patented power source. Gunpowder is our God-power; our War on Terrorism…Continue

Tags: New-smell-Quakerism

The Tenderizer

Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk on 1st day (Sun). 0 Replies

Have, of necessity(for dog-walking assignment), researched the Staffordshire Bull Terrier - only to find that its original breeding was for the purpose of tenderizing bulls and bears(and I don't mean in financial markets)!!!A loving creature to…Continue

Tags: Lost&Found

Drinking Water

Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk on 7th day (Sat). 0 Replies

Frederick Douglas, the renowned abolitionist, astutely concluded, "...all the qualities which men usually ascribed to God, they first find within themselves."WARNING: Unless first purified of self, spiritual thirst for personal experience can be…Continue

The Fruit Doesn't Fall Far

Started by Clem Gerdelmann in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Clem Gerdelmann 8th month 15. 1 Reply

Our parents are the author of our born-life; God is the Author of our reborn-life. So how has it happened that Quakers today are convinced of their being rightly-led while convicting their Monthly Meeting of not being rightly-led? Such is just the…Continue



Posted by Roger Vincent Jasaitis on 8th mo. 21, 2014 at 12:07pm 0 Comments

Looking for a Sign

Posted by Kevin Camp on 8th mo. 15, 2014 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

Life in the Life

Posted by Keith Saylor on 8th mo. 15, 2014 at 10:00am 0 Comments


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