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Silence or Stillness as a Spiritual Discipline

Silence or Stillness as a Spiritual Discipline:

Doug Bennett on still worship:

While gathering in stillness didn’t come easily to me as a spiritual practice, I found it more satisfying than going to a conventional worship service. Occasionally going to a Quaker meeting I would hear an unplanned message that was truly amazing: fresh, clear, energized, piercing. Those moments were not made less potent for me by the more numerous ordinary messages I also heard in Meetings.

Liberal vs radical social witness

Liberal vs radical social witness:

Another installment from Steven Davison’s Quaker-pocalypse series:

Liberal social action tends to be respectful, too, if not even a bit deferential. The liberal impulse in witness and outreach seeks not to turn away a seeker who might be made uncomfortable by un-reasonable words and actions, or to seem to disrespect the people with whom we disagree. This is not radical, and I question whether it is the path to renewal.

Reorganizing the meeting organizational chart

Reorganizing the meeting organizational chart:

Jnana Hodson:

Bringing this perspective home, as some of us have looked at the actual work of Dover Meeting, we’ve seen that our committees might be regrouped into four or five larger bodies that might not have to be defined as committees. Call them ministries, working groups, teams, “minis” for “mini-meetings/ministries,” or whatever, they could be gathered around a set of concerns and have a coordinator or caretaker instead of a clerk.

Led into the dark?

Led into the dark?:

Mike Farley writes about waiting:

It is hard to do nothing, even when “the signs… warn against action.” And yet sometimes to do nothing is the most faithful, the most obedient thing. We do not know always, or often, what we are to do, until we are shown the way – and it may be long days, even weeks or years, till the Way opens, even if we know where it seems to lead.

News: Quakers point to climate change as they walk along proposed pipeline route

News: Quakers point to climate change as they walk along proposed pipeline route:

Great quote from one of the organizers:

“It’s not about fracking and it’s not about natural gas, it’s about climate change — our inability to have a sensible reasonable regional, state and national policy that deals with these issues. The pipeline is a symptom, but it’s a symptom of a larger problem that we have avoided dealing with,” O’Hara said.

C. Wess Daniels and Remixing the Quaker Way

C. Wess Daniels and Remixing the Quaker Way:

Brent Bill reviews Wess’s new book:

Here’s why I think Wess’ book bears reading. It’s an articulate, accessible analysis of the current state of North American (primarily) Quakerism. He also provides a cogent portrayal of the participatory and remixing nature of early Quakerism and why it had an such an impact on culture, faith, and life.

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Easter and Quakers

Started by Stacey in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Stacey 4th month 14. 13 Replies

How many celebrate Easter?Or do you forgo the traditional Christian celebration of Easter? and go with the “traditionally Quakers don't not celebrate any religious holidays because all days are ‘holy days’ .. I know I believe that there is not…Continue

Tags: Easter

Promoting QuakerQuaker and other ministries through Releasing Ministry Alliance

Started by Viv Hawkins in Quaker Talk 4th month 13. 0 Replies

QuakerQuaker's March 30 fundraising appeal was recently amplified by Releasing Ministry Alliance.  Our week 3 mailing with…Continue

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Can I vote for a progressive, African-American President again in 2016?

Started by Olivia in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Olivia 4th month 6. 14 Replies

After hearing an old clip from a comedian who was inspired just after Pres. Obama was first elected... Who was basically saying that we would only be having black presidents from now on...and after recent white-people politician dramas from our…Continue


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