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Is it time for a cyclical renewal of Friends?

Is it time for a cyclical renewal of Friends?:

Craig Barnett thinks it’s time for another season of renewal for Quakers: “Renewal of the Society waits for the choice of each Friend: Am I willing to risk the disturbing, transfiguring presence of the Spirit in my life? To obey it? To expect ‘the Cross’ and dark days as I discover and nurture who I am before God? When we choose to live the spiritual life the Quaker Way, these are the experiences we are committing ourselves to, whatever words we put upon them.”

What Quakers can teach the business world about listening

What Quakers can teach the business world about listening:

Greg McKeown writes in the Harvard Business Review: “Deep engagement does not begin with getting people to listen to you; it begins when you really listen to them. Powerful listening is one of the rarest executive practices today.”

Does the world need more Quaker sensibilities?

Does the world need more Quaker sensibilities?:

Raymond J Brimble hopes for more Quaker-inspired values in our politics: “Why is “compromise” such a bad concept these days? Do we lack that much confidence in our own opinions and have such little respect for those of our friends and neighbors? Isn’t democracy defined by compromise and dictatorship the method of those who see no need for it?”

Hye Sung Francis: Why I am a Charismatic/Pentecostal Quaker

Hye Sung Francis: Why I am a Charismatic/Pentecostal Quaker:

"This conviction and inspiration has led me to Quakerism, where I see that egalitarian ministry manifest week by week in meeting for worship and where I see that testimony of peace brought into action."

Explaining Quaker worship

Explaining Quaker worship:

Mike Farley of the Silent Assemblies @mercyblog blog explains worship: “Meeting for Worship, I found myself saying, is something quite different from a group of people sitting around, each meditating by themself. It is not an excuse, either, for each to become lost in their own thoughts and fantasies.”

Can Quaker Theists and Non-Theists get along?

Can Quaker Theists and Non-Theists get along?:

Secret Quaker situates the debates around theism as longstanding questions: “As Quakers stumble over the “G Word” not wishing to alienate the non-theists among us, it would seem of relevance to note that this is a very Old Testament Problem. Since it was impossible to see God, Jews developed ingenious ways to avoid saying his name, emphasised the role of angels as intermediaries and made no attempt at description.”

Sacramental living as a Friend

Sacramental living as a Friend:

From Gordon Ferguson: “As Quakers, we are required to see the whole world as sacramental, but this is not an idea in our heads. It is incumbent upon us to devise religious rituals and spiritual practices that heighten that sense of divine awareness - that recognition of inward grace.”

Failure to expect Spirit to show up

Failure to expect Spirit to show up:

Lynn Fitz-Hugh worries that we have low expectations for worship: “I have heard Friends from different Meetings across the country complain about Friends who come with a book to read from “for inspiration” or the now famous NY Times headline message… But primarily they are complaining about Friends not following protocol. I do wish they were complaining about are failure to expect Spirit to show up.”

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"Darwin’s Dog, or the Evolution of Religion," by Winston Davis

Started by Mike Shell in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Mike Shell 11 hours ago. 3 Replies

Over on Quaker Universalist Conversations, Winston Davis has posted an exploration of recent theories about how human religions came into…Continue

Why We Need Some Quaker Sensibilities Right Now.

Started by Jeff in Quaker Talk 11th month 13. 0 Replies

Hello FriendsI just read the article on here, Why We Need Some Quaker Sensibilities Right Now, by Richard Brimble from the website of Interfaith Action of Central Texas . I can see why the author values, as Quakers do, the value of listening and…Continue

My Condition

Started by Laura Scattergood in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Laura Scattergood 10th month 30. 11 Replies

Honestly, when I think of all the efforts I have made to have intelligent 21st century discussions about being a Quaker, and to find some kind of fellowship somewhere, anywhere, online whatever.   .  Back to square one I go.   .   wandering around…Continue


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