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Worship as protest? What does our style of witness say?

Worship as protest? What does our style of witness say?:

Protesters at the British Museum, witnessing against BP sponsorship, settled down into worship: That act was a powerful symbol, reminding those present that day of the beliefs and traditions that had brought them to that gate, into that road. By incorporating such elements, both actions (and many others like them) had an element of a positive vision of the world, something of the peaceful future we hope and act for, rather than just being an angry “No!” shouted at something we oppose.

Steps to living a clearer life: step 1 is to cut back on Facebook

Steps to living a clearer life: step 1 is to cut back on Facebook:

At least that’s what Joanna Hoyt recommends after a screen-free fast: I’ve also taken plenty of time to enjoy the real world around me—hepatica and spring beauty blooming in the woods as the snow recedes, salamanders emerging, frogs calling, steelhead spawning, woodcocks courting with spectacular aerial displays, sunrise and moonrise.

Remembering a community broken

Remembering a community broken:

In “Young, Broken, and Beautiful,” Jocelyn Dowling reflects on brokenness as a theme and looks back at a community torn by tragedy:

Collective brokenness within Quakerism seems to be a historic theme. I experienced this brokenness in my senior year of high school, when the collective soul of BYM Young Friends experienced a great tragedy. Our former Youth Programs Coordinator, Tom Fox, made the decision to resign his position and join the Christian Peacemakers team in Iraq.

20 all-time favorite Quaker quotes. #17 tells us not to give up on the search of truth

20 all-time favorite Quaker quotes. #17 tells us not to give up on the search of truth:

Joshua Brown writes:

Quakers are highly quotable, and Friends have always enjoyed saving and sharing these great snippets and one-liners with each other. I’m sure I have missed some of your favorites — feel free to post them in your comments.

AJ Mendoza on the "peace talk" and our testimony

AJ Mendoza on the "peace talk" and our testimony:

A new Friend was surprised by the soft sell of the peace testimony:

No one sat me down to give the “peace talk”, which I half expected would be a requirement when getting involved in Quakerism.  Well what would would you do to stop Hitler? What they did do, was demonstrate to me the love of Christ, and I became even more interested in the Jesus I was experiencing.

Sharing the Quaker conversation more widely

Sharing the Quaker conversation more widely:

Have you checked out the QuakerQuaker homepage lately? We’ve been doing some redesigning lately: it’s more spacious, with commentary in the posts and more visuals throughout. The conversations on the site have also been unusually fruitful and there’s been a lot of great blog posts and video sharing. Learn more about the redesign and how we’re sharing more of the Quaker conversation with the world.

The struggle to reconcile justified violence with pacifism

The struggle to reconcile justified violence with pacifism:

Franiel32 wrestles with it:

I’m not sure how to reconcile my belief in the necessity of nations resisting evil men and actions, by force if necessary, with my belief that Jesus wants us to “love our enemies” and “put away (our) swords.” But the closest I’ve come to an answer is the one that Gandhi gave in an essay on 1920

True peace and the Inward Principle is still with us

True peace and the Inward Principle is still with us:

Keith Saylor talks about connecting with the spiritual message of a 17th century Friend:

It is such a blessing to know and share the inward manifestation of eternal life with the early Quakers through inward witness. The Presence within is sufficient, freedom from the outward ways.”

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One of the reasons I think Quakerism is "hard to do" in our society.

Started by Brad Biggs in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Paul Klinkman yesterday. 16 Replies

Wondering what other Friends think. The 3 conditions for making close friends mentioned in this article may be why Quakerism is hard to do in our society. It seems difficult for us to create the bonds of community that make for shared, deep…Continue

Tags: covenant, discipleship, community

Quaker parenting

Started by Jenny Turton in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Peri Coleman yesterday. 1 Reply

I am the Children and JYF Coordinator for Australian Yearly Meeting. My role is to support families and meetings to better include children and teenagers at the centre of Quaker practice and community. Our meetings in Australia often have small (if…Continue

Tags: parenting, Quaker

The Craving for Simplicity, Meaning and Peace

Started by Barbara Smith in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Barbara Smith on 2nd day (Mon). 5 Replies

I posted this on my blog (at www.Plainlyquaker.wordpress.com) this morning and then it occurred to me that it would be of interest to the Plainness and Simplicity Group here on QQ. However, I can…Continue

Tags: simplicity

The call to inaction

Started by Olivia in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Olivia 4th month 12. 12 Replies

Jim Wilson's recent post and comments on mysticism are very stirring for me, as are the words of so many who respond to his post "A response to Madeline Schaefer...."    This statement of Jim's unique faith experience speaks not just "my mind" but…Continue


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Worship as protest? What does our style of witness say?

Protesters at the British Museum, witnessing against BP sponsorship, settled down into worship:… See More
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