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True peace and the Inward Principle is still with us

True peace and the Inward Principle is still with us:

Keith Saylor talks about connecting with the spiritual message of a 17th century Friend:

Choosing the food we eat (and the chemicals it's soaked in) for "Eco-Lent

Choosing the food we eat (and the chemicals it's soaked in) for "Eco-Lent:

Cherice Bock continues her series on food and ecology:

Although Friends don’t practice the physical sacraments, seeing all of life as a sacrament, I like to broaden the ameliorated ounce of grape juice and pasty wafer into all food encounters. I take in the good gift of life, health and energy in the food I eat.

Can Friends schools and meetings better work together?

Can Friends schools and meetings better work together?:

A piece on efforts at a school and meeting in a Philadelphia neighborhood:

Children as young as 9 years old, and adults as old as 65, gathered at the Greene Street Friends School Meeting House in Germantown this weekend to discuss the benefits of “taking care of business” the Quaker way.”

When ministry is sawdust and sand

When ministry is sawdust and sand:

Among Friends John bemoans those times when the ministry just isn’t cutting it:

I couldn’t leave them unless God reassigned me – they’re my tribe. But I’d looked for food, and gotten sawdust and sand. I longed to hear something said among them that I wasn’t hearing, and the Holy Spirit was not opening my mouth to say it myself.image

Describing spirituality through water

Describing spirituality through water:

Dana Kester-McCabe tells of the effects of deep mediation:

When I go really deep in prayer or meditation the emotional heat of my waking reality is cooled. Spirit calms my passions. Spirit quells my fears. Peace cleanses me.image

Is simplicity in the air?

Is simplicity in the air?:

Barbara Smith thinks so over on the QuakerQuaker forums:

As I roam around the web I see many people drawn to reading about Plain dress and simple lifestyles… Are we tired yet of being passive consumers whose only reason for existence is to earn enough money to hand it back to those who make the “stuff” we supposedly have always needed and wanted?image

Are Quakers inherently libertarian?

Are Quakers inherently libertarian?:

Matt Hisrich argues that Quakers’ tenets have long included an inherent subversion of the state:

Friends were not only aware that their actions would be interpreted as a challenge to the existing political order but also of the likely consequences of those actions. image

War tax resistance gets its 15 minutes on Vice.com

War tax resistance gets its 15 minutes on Vice.com:

The popular website covers war tax resistance and gives long quote time to San Francisco activist David Hartsough:

Whatever you do, whichever amount of risk you choose to accept, at least consider something that [Quaker] Hartsough told me: “We all have a responsibility to listen to our own conscience, and if that lands us in jail or means economic hardship, that’s not as bad as the curse of having killed people.”image

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The Craving for Simplicity, Meaning and Peace

Started by Barbara Smith in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Anne Lee yesterday. 3 Replies

I posted this on my blog (at www.Plainlyquaker.wordpress.com) this morning and then it occurred to me that it would be of interest to the Plainness and Simplicity Group here on QQ. However, I can…Continue

Tags: simplicity

One of the reasons I think Quakerism is "hard to do" in our society.

Started by Brad Biggs in Quaker Talk. Last reply by Brad Biggs on 1st day (Sun). 14 Replies

Wondering what other Friends think. The 3 conditions for making close friends mentioned in this article may be why Quakerism is hard to do in our society. It seems difficult for us to create the bonds of community that make for shared, deep…Continue

Tags: covenant, discipleship, community


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