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Using Material on QuakerQuaker:

If you use any of the quaker-dot-topic feeds in your own website then please be a good internet citizen and give a link back to QuakerQuaker (I shouldn't have to say this but apparently I do--Yesh!) The system is built in a spirit of openness and trust and very consciously uses services that are publicly accessible.

I've always known that the feeds could be republished without attribution (stolen feeds is a growing problem for all blogs) but I've been relying on the spirit of let's-build-this-together that's been at the heart of the Quaker blogosphere and which should be at the heart of the Quaker movement. It is so not cool to pull the feeds and pawn it off as your own work.

We do invite you to help build the Quaker blogging community by publicizing the quaker-dot-topic standard. Some of our pages have javascript code that lets you add the feed to your blog's sidebar. Do-it-yourself'ers are welcome to pull the RSS feeds directly as long as you share the love with something like "This feed courtesy the QuakerQuaker community" with a link to QuakerQuaker. Thanks.

To recap:

  • Any list pulled directly from QuakerQuaker feeds should say "via" at the top and bottom of the list
  • A republished feed cannot be a major element of your website;
  • If you're going to do something major with a QuakerQuaker feed, just give Martin a shout-out first. I'm very reasonable, really. QuakerQuaker feeds have been republished by Friends World Committee for Consultation, Friends General Conference, Britain Yearly Meeting and other yearly and monthly meetings. Custom feeds can be arranged.

Last updated by Martin Kelley 10th month 19, 2009.

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"Howard. You wrote over on the Jolly Quaker blog: Very well said. Thank you writing it out loud."
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"I have revised my original post to reflect information I know now, but didn't know then."
Kevin Camp commented on Kevin Camp's blog post 'When Friends Disappoint'
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"Keith and Olivia, Your beautiful and wise advice is a reminder to me of the spiritual journey we…"
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"Dear Kevin, My intent is not to pass judgement on you or those in your meeting. I do not know the…"
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"So Kevin.... What would it be like if you would reach out to these people (after taking some…"

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