Somebody visited our meeting a couple of weeks ago and she asked me an all-encompassing question and I said "I don't think I can aswer." That's because a lot of our beliefs are absorbbed in what we do and we don't necessarily separate it out: it's all one. My experience of Quakerism and the beliefs of Quakerism continue to affect what I do. I think the queries are a good way to talk about this.

The queries are questions. That's often what Quakers do to focus on a topic. Rather than say "you should treat everyone as an equal person," it will be a query "how do you show that people are all on an equal basis. How do you deal with others in a way that's respectful of differences." By discussing those queries and have them resonate in your mind, that's one way of operating. Those queries may continue as we're doing work in the world or playing in the world and dealing with people. Hopefully we still have those queries sort of in our heads.

From Baltimore Yearly Meeting's new QTube Channel

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