Dispatches from the Lamb's War: Noah Baker Merrill

A reading from Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices.

Is the Peace Testimony a relevant part of Quaker life today? I'd like to offer the following thoughts, which have arisen from prayerful consideration and my experience until now. My understanding is that "The Peace Testimony" is only a way that Friends have in recent decades come to describe something much more deeply rooted in Friends religious experience--namely, our testimony to our experience of the work in our own hearts of the Inward Christ, the Inner Light, our Teacher and Guide (by whatever name). Lloyd Lee Wilson, in his book Essays on the Quaker Vision of Gospel Order, includes an essay with the title "On Remembering Why They Are Called Testimonies." His words speak much more deeply to this than I have here.

From the FGCQuaker Youtube Channel.

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