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God Loves Us, and We've Broken the Earth

Started this discussion. Last reply by Forrest Curo 3rd month 4, 2018. 3 Replies


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Forrest Curo posted a discussion

The Trouble With Quaker Gossip

The trouble with Quaker gossip is that so much of it is silent.See More
3rd month 24
Forrest Curo replied to Karl Malachut's discussion 'I converted to Judaism,Yet I am still a Friend' in the group Liberal Quakers
"LIkest-thou Zalman Schachter-Shalomi? Judaism seems to be even more varied in interpretations than the Quaker thing. When Marsha Praeger, Rabbi of the P'nai Or Synagogue in Philadelphia, invited a Pendle Hill Synoptic Gospels class to attend…"
2nd month 21
Forrest Curo replied to Mad JW's discussion 'Where Does TRUTH Enter the Picture?'
"Again: If you come here grinding an ax, all you're going to see is wood. Certainly you can talk about what you know of God; but if all you've got to offer is hearsay, you're wasting your time as well as ours."
12th month 21, 2018
Forrest Curo replied to Mad JW's discussion 'Where Does TRUTH Enter the Picture?'
"Was that a rhetorical question? Is this a rhetorical question? If I were in my right mind, would I respond to this question at all? Does it sound likely to tell me anything significant about God or Jesus? Does it sound likely to tell me more than I…"
11th month 26, 2018
Forrest Curo replied to Mike Shell's discussion 'Friends, What canst thou say?'
"It's a poor silly belief system that sits in Meeting with folded arm, its body language proclaiming: I won't believe in You; I won't believe in You; You can't make me; You can't make me! There's no obligatory belief…"
11th month 16, 2018
Forrest Curo replied to Howard Brod's discussion 'The Earliest Quakers and liberal Quakerism' in the group Liberal Quakers
"Think of a square dance. It's not a better square dance if you get rid of the formal structure; it isn't a better square dance if you obey the forms too rigidly. It's a crude art form, but it's an art form; & art forms…"
10th month 30, 2018
Forrest Curo replied to Howard Brod's discussion 'The Earliest Quakers and liberal Quakerism' in the group Liberal Quakers
"It's not a matter of "inner forms good, outer forms baad!" God lives and creates and works in both sides of this world. The Sabbath was created for human beings, became a burden only when people started treating it as more important…"
10th month 28, 2018
Forrest Curo posted a blog post

The "Presence" of God

Our experience of the presence of God is our entire experience, including all internal and external senses and our awareness of experiencing.We can't say that some subset of our experience is the presence of God.Some aspect of our experience may come to symbolize or represent or indicate the presence of God to a person, but that's an agreed 'codeword' between God and that person: "When I feel ___ then I know You are here & open for business." God is always here and open for business;…See More
8th month 26, 2018
Forrest Curo commented on Mike Shell's blog post 'Rescuing Romans 13:1-7 – How do we answer authoritarian use of these words?'
"Basically we've got some inflated pastoral advice: 'Stay out of trouble if you can, and don't stir up unnecessary trouble by picking fights with the authorities.' God determines who receives earthly power... [and Jesus makes it…"
7th month 3, 2018
Forrest Curo left a comment for Christoforos pollatos
"Greek --> English [google translation]: "Hello! I am 51 years old reading your texts, and I find them indifferent, I would like to know a lot about quakers." ----------------- English --> Greek: What do you know already about…"
5th month 3, 2018
Forrest Curo posted a discussion

Jesus' Political/Economic Role

This book (not yet available) will be bringing up an aspect of Jesus' historical life and purposes that hasn't been much emphasized or even noticed among the bulk of modern Christians, Friends among them.Have we fallen, are we collectively falling into the trap of worshipping two masters: Mammon and God? How should we change our thinking and our ways in response?Here, for now, is the gist of the book:…See More
5th month 3, 2018
Forrest Curo replied to Karl Vonderheyde's discussion '...plain?'
"There was always more to 'the Government of God' than improvements in our personal behavior. Somewhere in there was that old pre-Monarchy Israelite tradition of "You people don't need kings; you've got Me!" So this…"
4th month 9, 2018
Forrest Curo commented on Keith Saylor's blog post 'George Fox and Holy-days (1677)'
"I've always felt that holidays were a damnuisance. Then again, I doubt that many people today consider them helpful means of facilitating connection with God. They can provide opportunities for that, or for reinforcing solidarity with whichever…"
4th month 1, 2018
Forrest Curo replied to Kirby Urner's discussion 'No Quakers, Only Quakerism'
"Are we talking about that exclusive club of friends of Christ Jesus, who hangs out with all manner of low-lifes & uppity women?"
3rd month 14, 2018
Forrest Curo replied to Karl Vonderheyde's discussion '...plain?'
"As far as 'good news', I don't know how many people today would find "Christ has victory over sin" to be the first thing to pop into their minds. Neither would it have been the good news Jesus announced: "God's…"
3rd month 11, 2018
Forrest Curo replied to Karl Vonderheyde's discussion '...plain?'
"Person's gotta do what a person's gotta do. Margaret Fell thought it was silly to have a dress code; I don't think anyone today would want to impose it on anybody else. But for anyone who feels led to witness to his…"
3rd month 7, 2018

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About Me
Attended one Quaker Meeting ~1961, invited by my best friend in high school. Returned a few times over the decades -> 1991, when I got roped into some pro-homeless activism & felt nostalgic for what I remembered of Friends. Attended regularly awhile, admitted I was a Quaker & therefore had to make it official in 1996. One school year (2002-3) at Pendle Hill, whee! Still knowing God, still being led, still wondering how this all comes out...

"You don't do it through intellectual processes. What you do is you telepathically tap in to the one great world religion,
which is only one,
which has no name,
and all of the other religions are merely maps of that."

Stephen Gaskin

Forrest Curo's Blog

The "Presence" of God

Posted on 8th mo. 26, 2018 at 7:01pm 0 Comments

Our experience of the presence of God is our entire experience, including all internal and external senses and our awareness of experiencing.

We can't say that some subset of our experience is the presence of God.

Some aspect of our experience may come to symbolize or represent or indicate the presence of God to a person, but that's an agreed 'codeword' between God and that person: "When I feel ___ then I know You are here & open for business." God is always here and open…


The Metaphor is the Meaning

Posted on 5th mo. 20, 2017 at 12:33am 0 Comments

You don't do the Bible, or any human being greater honor, or understand them better, by taking them literally.

To take something "metaphorically" doesn't mean that we treat it as just a fluffy literary decoration.

In mathematics there's a term for what a metaphor does: it's called "a mapping." A useful metaphor says that one thing has a similar structure to another thing; they behave alike in analogous circumstances. One of them can be taken as a useful hint toward…


Truth is a spiritual reality

Posted on 5th mo. 1, 2017 at 3:10pm 4 Comments

The word 'spiritual' gives a lot of people problems, and I'm not going to define it. I'm not even going to claim I understand all that it entails.

But one description that works: "If you can't define something; if you can't reduce it to a combination of some other categories or interactions between them" -- words like say, Truth, Beauty, Love and the like come to mind --

then it very likely is spiritual.

Friends have a lot of trouble with the word 'Truth' anymore. It…


The Liberal Quaker (Multi)-Dilemma

Posted on 4th mo. 4, 2017 at 10:06am 1 Comment

If a Meeting takes a stand on any significant issue whatsoever it excludes (and temporarily alienates) people who see the matter otherwise.

If a Meeting can not take a stand on matters causing great suffering (and there is always disagreement about these, or someone would have simply corrected them) we seem to fall short of a basic Christian duty.

A possible resolution to this might look like what we did (as I heard it) with the Quaker House in Ulster. Of two warring groups,…


Truth and vs Love Among Us

Posted on 3rd mo. 26, 2017 at 9:00am 0 Comments

[Thanks to C. Wess Daniels for the nudge!]

People have come to think of a concern for ideas as pathological.

When ideas come to matter more to us than our love for each other, it is pathological.

But people die when the ideas they love and the truths they live under fail to match; bad ideas can kill people as surely as intentional violence.

We have got to resolve our differences; we have truly got to resolve our differences — not smooth them over, not crush them…


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At 3:13pm on 12th mo. 7, 2016, Keith Saylor said…
Thank you Forrest. I appreciate you thoughts. I am enjoying reading this person's perspectives. He writes well.
At 6:45pm on 12th mo. 6, 2016, Keith Saylor said…
At 5:52pm on 12th mo. 10, 2015, Kirby Urner said…

Where am I in QuakerQuaker in replying to a Profile comment?  Sheesh.  Um, we may not take the same Exam.  Don't pretend you can see over my shoulder necessarily.  "How effective an Activist were you?" is maybe the only question on my interview with Jesus, who knows?

At 11:25am on 8th mo. 1, 2015, Keith Saylor said…

Hi Forrest. Thank you. I was particularly struck by your words:

"The idea of anyone being, not 'a liar', but simply mistaken, or seeing from another perspective, seems to be largely inconceivable to the religious worthies of that time... or that, at least, was my impression from a small dose of their pamphlet wars [like very slow internet flame wars, yes?]"

I agree. My impression is that those Children of Light who do not establish themselves in outward leadership positions on either side (to impose an outward form on others) manifest a supple spirit guided by the inward light filling their conscious and informing their conscience so that identity rests firmly in Presence itself is not lost or overshadowed by outward forms such as anger, fear, ideology, institution, tradition, etc. 

The Spirit to impose outward forms and institutions on the consciences others is as alive today as when Wilkinson felt it needful to speak against it just 25 years after the Children of Light gathered in England. On the flipside, the Comforter is as alive today as when the Children of Light gathered together around 1650ish in England. The Light is alive in many of us today filling our conscious and guiding our conscience so that we know the original witness of the Children of Light through direct personal experience of Presence within. What a blessing to know in ever present faith that the Light is eternal and shines within ... a beacon ever before our mind and heart directing our journey in all things and all our activities in daily life. And that the darkness of outward forms, institutions, practices, and traditions, can be overcome in the Light itself.

At 9:38am on 8th mo. 1, 2015, Diane Benton said…

Forrest, those are some keen observations.

"Fox was clearly a man of great faith, but where the mission he hoped to perform for God seemed at risk, it seems as if it was hard for him to trust God's purposes to God... That's been a subtle and powerful test of faith for many of us, yes?"

I agree.

At 7:51am on 5th mo. 14, 2015, Mike Shell said…

Hi, Forrest.

Glad to be connected.  I'm at a library conference till Friday.  I'll be in touch after that.


At 12:34pm on 12th mo. 11, 2014, Paul Klinkman said…

"side of mountain... warmer than overall atmosphere, same height. flexible tube, held by warmth?"

Yes, side of mountain.  The steeper the hill, the less cost for the chimney for a particular height. 

The air inside is warmer than the overall atmosphere.  Making the air inside hotter increases the power output.  The site engineer picks a particular maximum rated temperature, installs insulation suited for that temperature and the control unit enforces that maximum temperature.  Solar hot water control units already do this.

The Manzanares experiment was 600 feet high.  A chimney of 3,000 feet was once proposed. 

A flexible tube puffed out by the warmth is one option.  If so, the turbine would be at the top of the tube.  A flexible tube with air-filled ribs would stay puffed out.  From a minimizing the air pressure standpoint, putting the turbine halfway up the chimney puts only half the stress on the chimney.  The positive  pressure would be highest just below the turbine and the negative pressure would be highest just above the turbine.  The final option is a non-flexible chimney built out of concrete/whatever or a chimney with a solid (dirt?) bottom and flexible tent top.  Yes, tent poles are allowed inside the chimney if they don't cause too much air friction.

On my to do list, put a proposal together for Allete Clean Energy, not too bad an outfit.

At 8:22pm on 2nd mo. 12, 2014, Steve Bradley said…

Hi Forrest!

I have just accepted your "friend" invitation......but I should just let you know that I am a lousy friend -- if Facebook is an indicator.  A loving acquaintance set up a FB site for me about five years ago, and a couple of loving family members periodically install new photos, but I pay scane attention to it.  Not only am I perplexed by the technology, but the zippity-doo-dah nature of FB just depresses me.  Hopefully, however, i will do much better at following the conversation here; that's the plan, anyhow!

At 10:48am on 1st mo. 7, 2014, Jon Watts said…

Thanks for the friend request!  Blessings on your musical endeavors!  :)

At 11:35pm on 8th mo. 5, 2013, Forrest Curo said…

The site is for ongoing commentary. It needs bright and honest people to comment on the Bible verses, people who won't either wallow in uncritical acceptance or automatically dismiss them -- but take an open look at why they're there and why they're the way they are, whether for 'all-too-human' purposes or God's.

Since you'd written about having to fight yourself free from dogmatically-imposed interpretations of the Bible and to see what you could find in it by yourself, I hoped you might still be interested. My wife & I spent a few months attending the weekly Torah study at a good synagogue; and it seems to be a different sort of experience when people can just say what comes to them about a passage. (More people would be [potentially] even better...)


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