My Quaker Friends (39)

Justin Namtembi

Richmond, IN, United States

Nenad Knezevic

Belgrade, Serbia


Los Angeles, CA, United States

Friend Speaks My Mind

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Ted Heck

Richmond, VA, United States

Tarald Stein

Oslo, Norway, Norway


United States

Elzie Simons

Canton, OH, United States

Earlham School of Religion

Richmond, IN, United States

Charlie Miller

Wallingford, PA, United States


Silver Spring, MD, United States

Mike Morrell

Raleigh, NC, United States

da Moose

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Linda J. Wilk

Falling Waters, WV, United States

Walter Hjelt Sullivan

Wallingford, PA, United States

C. Morningbear Cullimore Mercer

Salem, OR, United States

Alivia Biko

Salem, OR, United States

Greg Ironside

Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom

Charley Earp

Chicago, IL, United States

John L-M

Dayton, OH, United States


Stockholm, Sweden

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Marcia P Roberts replied to N. Jeanne Burns's discussion 'Quote Game' in the group Diversity (Race, Class, Gender, etc.)
"This information and follow up posts from Isabel Penrath answer so many questions. Quaker history…"
3rd day (Tue)
Kirby Urner commented on Marcia P Roberts's blog post 'No respector of persons'
"Methinks "mental illness" (vs. "physical illness" -- hard to part them) is…"
2nd day (Mon)
Kirby Urner commented on Rainer Möller's blog post 'Quakers unto the Civil War'
"The research I've done suggests many middle class antebellum Quakers were annoyed by…"
2nd day (Mon)
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Kirby Urner replied to Kirby Urner's discussion 'Exhibit: some Friends discussing Racism'
"Me on Facebook, Jan 2,…"
1st month 2
Keith Saylor commented on Rainer Möller's blog post 'Quakers unto the Civil War'
"I forgot to add, Whittier's reference to Mezentius and his struggle…"
12th month 29, 2020
Keith Saylor commented on Rainer Möller's blog post 'Quakers unto the Civil War'
"Whittier, in his 1833 Justice and Prejudice, writes: "Far be it from me to cast new…"
12th month 29, 2020

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