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At 6:15pm on 2nd mo. 4, 2013, Hilda said…

Dear friend Jan,

I am glad to have you for my friend! Do you like cats? What are your ffavourite hobbies? I enjoy reading and writing fiction and poems as time permits. I also like playing hymns and classical music on the piano. Please forgive me for taking so long to write back. I stay very busy but want to reply as much as I can!!!!

Thy friend, Hilda

At 9:04pm on 1st mo. 18, 2013, Marian Bruffy said…

Good evening, dear Friend Jan,


You're welcome.

I wish to thank you for your kind comment.

Friendship to thee is my pleasure!

Yes, I live in Virginia with my parents.

Thank you for accepting me as your Friend. It means a lot.


Peace and blessings to thee,

Thy Friend in the Lord,



At 8:50pm on 1st mo. 18, 2013, Timothy said…

Hello, Jan!

Thank thee for accepting my invitation. I greatly appreciate that. I have been away from this site for nearly a quarter year with last month being about the worst. I went through nearly three months of insomnia, dark despondency, and pain from oral surgery (the last three wisdom teeth cut out)!! So, when I returned, I brought with me, my small family of thr3e! :) Thank thee for thy encouraging thoughts and sayings. I hope to get to know thee better in the coming days, Lord Willing, of course. Thank thee again.

Blessings and peace to thee in the Light of Christ,


At 9:39am on 12th mo. 4, 2012, W. Haines said…

Thank you Jan Lyn! I hope to visit often - Not many Friends up here in this county - it's lovely to have found this forum. :) Thanks for the contact! 


At 1:17am on 3rd mo. 15, 2011, Kathy Summers said…

Thank you Jan Lyn. The people in Japan are in need of many prayers. God be with them all.

Love, Kathy

At 2:06am on 9th mo. 9, 2010, Ganeida said…
I read MT prayed to share Christ's suffering as on the cross. She was bereft of the presence of God for most of her life as Christ was in his agony. She operated soley on faith. Amazing woman.
At 6:20pm on 7th mo. 1, 2010, Rosemary Gould said…
Thanks for accepting, Jan Lyn. Yes, I noticed that we have a lot in common. I just started reading your blog, too, and getting a lot from it. Sorry to hear about the pain you have to endure. It must make it very difficult to homeschool. I already find homeschooling very challenging!
Many blessings,
At 11:34am on 6th mo. 12, 2010, Pastor Samuel Muderhwa said…
Dear Jan

thanks and God bless you

At 6:21am on 6th mo. 4, 2010, Pastor Samuel Muderhwa said…
Dear Jan
I’m so happy to hear from you and your concern, our mission it may be found in our website, and we may send further details if you may want because we need your service and support even collaboration.
Please we may connect in friendship in this network for more communication if you may allow.

God bless you

Pastor Samuel
At 4:43pm on 1st mo. 18, 2010, Heather Cawte said…
Hello :)

Yes, we had to cancel the last MfW at my home because of snow, but there is another scheduled for this Sunday. Still pretty flattened by this chest infection - onto my second course of big antibiotics and steroids!

Thinking of you :) xxx
At 10:37am on 1st mo. 18, 2010, Pat Pope said…
Hi Jan. Not having grown up Quaker, it's been an interesting experience for me. Unfortunately, we don't incorporate enough of the traditional Quaker practices as I would like, but I've learned and grown nevertheless.
At 7:39am on 1st mo. 18, 2010, Barbara Quintiliano said…
Hi Jan, nice to have you as a friend and neighbor (you're right next door in NJ :-)
At 9:24am on 11th mo. 23, 2009, Digger said…
Hi Jan and thanks for your warm welcome.
Its good to see you here too!
At 4:53pm on 11th mo. 22, 2009, Larry Matthews said…
Hi Jan Lyn - Kia ora (greetings) from New Zealand. Thank you for your thoughts. :)
At 4:35pm on 10th mo. 20, 2009, Raye said…
Jan Lyn, thanks for letting me know that these scriptures have helped you, too. For me, they are both the proverbial carrot and stick! Pax et lux et veritas, Raye
At 4:31pm on 10th mo. 20, 2009, Raye said…
Glad to "meet" you (c:

I pray your correspondence through Qq will benefit us all!
At 5:54pm on 7th mo. 1, 2009, Heather Cawte said…
Thank you, my dear - I love it here!

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