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At 9:44pm on 6th mo. 2, 2015, Diane Benton said…

Keith, your answer to my question came through but there's still nothing else since 4-28 showing up.  I just cleared the cached and that didn't help.  I'm not very computer literate so it's a mystery to me.  I'm glad, though, that it's apparently a computer thing and that everyone is ok.

At 9:22pm on 4th mo. 27, 2015, Howard Brod said…

Meant "post"; not "most". 

At 2:40pm on 4th mo. 27, 2015, Howard Brod said…

Thank you Keith.  I almost didn't most it; but then thought it had to be said.

At 10:11pm on 4th mo. 15, 2015, Diane Benton said…

Keith, I was again edified reading what you had to say.

Awhile back I was invited to share about Quakerism with a group of Methodists I’d been meeting with.  They really struggled with what I was sharing.  Finally, one man said, “But somebody has to be in charge!”  The response that came out of me was, “Is there a God?”  He got a silly, little boy grin on his face.

At 12:52pm on 4th mo. 13, 2015, Diane Benton said…

Keith, I have not read “The Christian-Quaker distinguished from the apostate & innovator.”  Your assessment of the situation at that time is quite congruent with mine based on the little reading I’ve done.

Remaining peaceful and charitable while being threatened in all manner of ways is an ever present challenge.  It is the fruit of being directly inspired by Presence.   

At 8:58am on 2nd mo. 8, 2015, Diane Benton said…

I prefer Quaker Heritage Press ( to the Worthington's site because Quaker Heritage doesn't update the language.  To update language requires interpretation.  I'd rather find the meaning directly from the original text.  Another site I use is Earlham's Digital Collection (

At 11:31pm on 2nd mo. 5, 2015, William F Rushby said…

Hello, Keith Saylor!  I just found your post concerning Wilkinson and Story.  My knowledge of Quaker history is heavily weighted toward the 19th and 20th Centuries.

I did investigate some of the challengers against George Fox and the early Quaker "establishment" for my paper on Ann Branson.  Somehow, I never got to Wilkinson and Story!

I am interested in learning more about Wilkinson and Story, and will look for some sources for you tomorrow.

Right now, I am struggling to keep the house within my comfort range, as the outdoor temperature plunges below zero tonight!  Actually, I am only heating 80% of the downstairs.  I am also using an electric mattress pad, to sleep comfortably.

A few of my ewes seem to be "bagging up."  I hope they will hold off on giving birth until it is a bit warmer.  Once lambing begins, I won't have much time for Quaker history for a month or so.

At 12:54pm on 2nd mo. 3, 2015, James C Schultz said…

Weird.  I thought I had sent another comment as well that never showed up and at my age I questioned whether I had actually sent it.  That's the problem with living in two worlds.:)

At 10:00pm on 2nd mo. 2, 2015, Diane Benton said…

No wonder the prompting to respond wouldn't leave me.  It just took a while for the words to come to me.  I appreciate you speaking truth as I know it.  There does seem to be so much resistance to it.

At 5:28pm on 11th mo. 22, 2014, Mike Shell said…


You speak my mind, and I welcome your deeper, fuller articulation of the Presence.

What I wrote earlier was a quick response to queries about the effectiveness of Quaker ministry in Nazi Germany. Not knowing the comment writer, I wrote to the likely impact of German Quaker actions on those non-Quaker Germans who witnessed them.

You speak to the inward Truth which moved those Quakers to action.

Thanks you.


At 9:04pm on 10th mo. 27, 2014, Patricia Dallmann said…

Keith, hold on there. You misunderstood me. What I intended to say was that your experience of the Presence is a step forward that allows you to subordinate the tradition. That is not the case with people who do not know the Presence. For them to ignore or dismiss the tradition is a step backward, not forward. I hope this clears up my misunderstood statement! Let me try to rearrange that statement so that there is no misunderstanding:

Setting aside the tradition as you are recommending, Keith, is one thing as you know the Presence. Setting aside the tradition as is done regularly by Liberals (or Ranters in the 17th century) is a step backward into lawlessness, emptiness, and idolatry.

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