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At 4:50pm on 6th mo. 23, 2013, David Newell said…

Hi Amanda,

Hope you are well. I noticed that Penicuik was on Gardeners' Question Time recently!


At 10:41am on 1st mo. 18, 2013, Marian Bruffy said…

Dear Friend Amanda,


You're so welcome! It's my pleasure being thy Friend.

I hope to get to know thee better too.


Blessings, love and Light to thee and thy little girls,

Thy Friend in Christ,



At 5:14pm on 1st mo. 16, 2013, Timothy said…

Thank thee so kindly, Amanda, for becoming my Friend here! I do greatly appreciate that. I see that you have accepted my wife as a Friend today. I thank thee for that also. I have been recovering from oral surgery: wisdom teeth extracted, insomnia for nearly three months, and despondency as well. I, also, have ancestors from all of the UK, including also a bit of Easter Sioux Native American, and a bit of German. :):)

Peace and blessing to thee this day/evening! Thy Friend in the Light of Christ,


At 4:27pm on 1st mo. 16, 2013, Hilda said…

Scotland? I have ancestors that came from Scotland, and have always thought, for a long time, that it would be wonderful to live there. Hoyts were from Scotland. Bacon's were from England, as well as the Salters! 

I send thee my blessings from rural central Virginia!


At 4:20pm on 1st mo. 16, 2013, Hilda said…

Friend, Amanda!

Thank thee so very kindly for your cheerful invitation! I would love to get to know thee better, as time permits. I owe this privilege entirely to my husband, Timothy, who is teaching me about the computer and about this site! I look forward to being thy friend!! I just joined this site, so everything is new and different.

I LOVE the UK spellings, and I and my husband both use them almost all of the time. That is not offensive, but rather, complimentary!! 

Peace be to thee in the Light of Christ Jesus! Thy Friend,


At 6:09am on 1st mo. 11, 2013, Tamara Baverey /Levi said…

thank you Amanda . How is scottland today ? are there many friends in your part of the world? Perhaps you can help me learn about conservative friends and what your life and values give you personaly . Have a great day ! looks like we have english weather today in Israel - colad and wet :)

At 4:36pm on 1st mo. 9, 2013, Chris Beauchamp said…

Yes, he makes BOLD quilts with BOLD colors and BOLD prints. 

Mine are quilte the opposite of that . .. very calm colors. . . very calm patterns, soft fabric and batting. .   mine are designed to soothe.  His are designed to wake one up! 

At 4:31pm on 1st mo. 9, 2013, Chris Beauchamp said…

I know. . I'd be the same way.  I would treasure it, absolutely . 

But I'm a plain not living in a plain area. .  most here are techno wizards into the latest gadget, sporting event, gambling event, wine tasting or what I consider some such other foolishness.   They don't appreciate the more simple aspects of life. . sad but true. 

When I don't have to work anymore, I'll leave this area as quickly as I'm able. .  find a more suitable home with like minded neighbors and other plain folk.  At least  that is my dream. 

I understand your lack of time each day. .  there truly aren't enough hours for us are there.  

When you are ready to quilt, I will be more than happy to assist any way I am able.    I'm sure those quilts will be beautiful.  Sometimes when I cannot find time to quilt I'll pick up one of my quilt books and look at the beautiful quilts on the pages. .. . and dream. 

At 4:15pm on 1st mo. 9, 2013, Chris Beauchamp said…

Thank you Amanda.  I have made many many quilts. .  (hundreds) but I have no camera.  I don't own one. .  hence, no pics anywhere from me. 

Quilting calms me. .  and I love to sew, so I make everything for the home like pillowcases and bed quilts, wall quilts, lap quilts, baby quilts and so forth.   Sewing clothing does not calm me as much, at least not anymore (because ideally, you want it to fit).  Quilts don't have to fit. 

One year for Christmas I made about 35 little Cozy Home wall quilts as gifts.  Only two people commented on how well they liked them. .   the rest probably ended up on a dog or cat bed (a thought which horrifies me) because unless one makes such items, they have no idea the amount of effort and time it takes. .  not to mention the love put into each one.   

Most of my quilts are very simple, nothing terribly ornate or I'd never accomplish very much.  I work full time outside the home. .  and grow a garden in the warm weather.  

Mostly now I've given up making quilts as gifts for others and am determine to make some for me. . . . for a change.  That's a huge change.  Before I was always focused on what I could do for another. . . but most did not appreciate them.  


At 1:05pm on 1st mo. 9, 2013, Cassie Gornowicz said…

Hi Amanda. Thank you for the friendship request. I think you may have me confused with someone else. I have not yet made the transition to plain dress though it is something I feel led to. So I am not sure what dress you are asking if I made. Do you mean the ones Zaley made that I liked?

At 12:50pm on 1st mo. 9, 2013, Chris Beauchamp said…

Quilting is wonderful Amanda..  its soft and soothing ..  warm and cozy, and it doesn't have to 'fit'.  I highly recommend any of the needle arts though I have not yet joined the sewing group.  Interestingly I saw it today for the first time and thought "I should join that".   Was wondering why I hadn't seen it before. . now I know why. . because, as you say, its new.   Thank you for mentioning it.   I will be sure to join it. 



At 12:40pm on 1st mo. 9, 2013, Chris Beauchamp said…

Warm Greetings Amanda:  Thank you for your kind offer of friendship.   I look forward to having many wonderful conversations with you about the beautiful path we have chosen to walk.   


At 1:42pm on 10th mo. 16, 2012, Ray Lovegrove said…

Hi Amanda, I recognised you from fb. Welcome to QuakerQuaker!

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