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At 1:22pm on 5th mo. 3, 2012, Paula Roberts said…

Alice, a way opens! I've been in contact with a mentor who is helping me sort out my dissertation. I was able to get a leave of absence from school, so with his help I will finish this diss after all!

At 12:23pm on 4th mo. 1, 2012, Forrest Curo said…

Alice, why don't you please copy your recent comments to Micah Bales post  as a blog post of its own!

The details of actually doing what you're talking about-- will as you say look different for everybody. But the basic map & direction of travel, yes!!!

At 11:16pm on 8th mo. 22, 2011, marv ostberg said…
Alice - it is good to hear from you again after several years where I have been involved in other things.  You are still young, but less so than before, eh?  Anyway, yes, I too am aware that some tried to help each other in that horrible Ruwanda slaughter.  I also am aware that there was a background here where one of the 2 main groups had previously abused the other and this was major retaliation.   But in this case there was major help available and the United Nations stood in the way of that help.  It could have been done with very few deaths.  As it was, nearly a million were killed and many more maimed with one of the most low tech weapons around - machettes, designed for agricultural and related work.  I am not criticizing those who helped or tried to help risking their own lives.  I am criticizing those with the ability to help in a major way and either turned their backs on the problem or refused to authorize that help.  Twas the same in Cambodia where over 2 million were killed by the  Pol Pot.
At 3:06am on 7th mo. 28, 2011, Louise T said…
Hi Alice, your twitter profile reminded me of my seldom used account here! See you later
At 8:15pm on 7th mo. 21, 2011, james said…

thanks for accepting my friend request.   quaker welcome :)


At 6:18pm on 6th mo. 6, 2011, Amelia Anne Schafer-Rutherford said…
Alice I justy got back from a workshop for the people running the Children's and Young peoples program at BYMG. I met a young women who is interested in talk to people dress Quaker plain. Could I pass your name onto her?
At 9:13am on 3rd mo. 9, 2011, Phil Petty said…

Hi Alice,

Just wondering if you are planning any gatherings in or around Coventry in the near future?


At 4:17pm on 2nd mo. 28, 2011, Debrah said…

Dear Alice,

Your 'About Me" profile is exactly how I feel and didn't know how to put into words.  It is exactly why I live the way I do as well.

At 10:50am on 2nd mo. 18, 2011, Graham said…

No, not a goodbye! Just a rethink as far as internet identity go's.  It' must be a phase or something!!

Goddess & God Bless.

At 12:26pm on 1st mo. 31, 2011, Helen Gibbs said…

Hi Alice,

Small group but I think growing. I also post on the BYM forum. This place is definately a different flavour - but then being originially of Aotearoa NZ YM, I come from another flavour of tradition!



At 8:07pm on 12th mo. 31, 2010, Jennifer Webb said…

Hello!  Thank you for the friend request on here!  How nice to see the request!  I saw your conversation with Cotswold Quaker, and was very interested in it.  Interesting insight, thanks for those posts(to both of you)!  May you have a wonderful New Year, sending you love and light!

In peace,


At 9:31am on 12th mo. 13, 2010, Raynor said…
Thank you, Alice! I'm loving it so far. I'm sure I have a long way to go, but I feel very happy about it. My meeting has been very welcoming, and the Young Friends group too. ^_^
At 4:21am on 11th mo. 25, 2010, Phil Petty said…
Hi Alice,

Just wanted to say hi! I only live about 40 minutes to the east of you (nr Kettering) and it was seeing your notice about joining you for worship this 7th day that has prompted me to get myself into gear and say hello. Unfortunatly I can't join you this time, but would be interested in getting together for worship in the future if way opens.
At 10:29am on 6th mo. 14, 2010, Leslie Rodgers said…
Hi Alice, I've been reading you, but have been shy about asking anyone to be my "friend" since I'm not even a 'real quaker' just seeking, learning, and intensely curious.
I am in looooove with the UK. It's a distant and unrequited sort of love since I don't even own a passport (yet).
I feel really blessed to have new Friends to help me learn.
At 8:45pm on 5th mo. 10, 2010, Paula Roberts said…
Thanks, Alice. You and I have something in common. Our training in science makes us analytical. Why why why? We ask. What drives this behavior? Why does this manifest.
At 7:41pm on 4th mo. 18, 2010, Rosemary Gould said…
Thanks very much for the welcome, and thanks for all your work on this interesting site.
At 6:58pm on 3rd mo. 27, 2010, Wee Dragon said…
Hey Alice...lurking back again after the latest esoteric crisis! Good to see even more faces than a few months ago! Hope you are well....
At 8:44am on 1st mo. 22, 2010, Martin Kelley said…
Welcome back to the Quakerquaker editorial team!
At 11:49am on 10th mo. 10, 2009, Daniel Wilcox said…
Good morning Alice,
Thanks for adding me as a friend. I've followed your QQ posts for a while, Nice to meet you in person now;-) well virtually.

I don't think I'm a modern Friend. This year has been both shocking and discouraging. Our Quaker magazine here as been pushing nontheisms of various sorts:-(

I do enjoy talking with all the varieties of Quakers around the world. There definitely is more diversity in the Society than the U.N.:-)

If you get a chance check out my blog sometime. So far I've not gotten many responses. I want to improve my witness for Jesus and God and so need as much feedback as I can get. It's at

In the Light,

At 9:17am on 10th mo. 5, 2009, Amelia Anne Schafer-Rutherford said…
Sorry, I think It was Isabel Penraeth I did not understand totally. Your responces seemed clear enough and I have encountered your experience among other British Quakers. Some of it has to do with different histories socially and politically. Most American Quakers I don't think fully understand the English historical context Quakers rose out of. For instance we don't use the term "nonconformist" to describe Quakers, Bapstist or Methodist.

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