Standing with two feet on the other shore, the old place fades in the cooling mist. The past things, on the other side of the canyon, are shadowings that no longer overcast and enchant Being. Presence shines inward and fills the space of the old place. I am parallel to the old place, seeing the misty dark forms engulf Being in their outward cast and ruling and guiding Being in their various manifestations and professions. When those casted speak, puffs of mist drift from their mouths encasing other beings within earshot. 

Then a flinting happens, a spark flies from the great light in the new place and it pierces  casted being and an inshining manifests that the shadows cannot abide. The inshining grows even as the mist peels back and strives to regain power at the recurve. The shadow is bent back upon itself and the illusion is slowly revealed. Human being is drawn toward the shore of the old place and coughs up the shadowy mist it breathed into itself ... and a volition to cross ...

Suddenly, inshining presence sheds the whole of the cast as the shadowy recurve runs the whole of its course and the inshining outshines the dark melding with the Light in the new place. Being crosses to the new shore and the outward mists and shadows of the old place no longer rule or motivate. 

I am of the new place. The trappings of the old, and the professors and politicals who cast their outward ideological and emotional spells, are neutralized in the power of inshining Presence. The appearance of Eternal human being is saved and participates in Presence.

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