The mystery of a faith held in a pure conscience.

James Naylor, in his “A Discovery of the First Wisdom from Beneath, and the Second Wisdom from Above” wrote two phrases that can be seen as a reflection of the mystery of a consciousness anchored in and a conscience informed by the direct experience of immanently sustained being itself in itself inshining upon the consciousness and conscience.

First he wrote that “the will and the brain are the serpents seat” ( View in Source - ). Then he writes further in the pamphlet, “contrary to the light shining in the conscience (the throne of Christ) [View in Source -]. Naylor’s reflection that the brain is the serpent’s seat says to me that the brain is the seat of reflective consciousness. His statement that the conscience is the throne of Christ means to me that immanently sustained being itself in itself is experienced in the conscience outside the context of the brain or reflective thought or is intuitive. The contexts in which he writes these supports the suggestions that the serpent’s seat is reflective thought and the conscience is the seat of immanently sustained consciousness. Naylor also writes in his "An Account from the Children of Light” of the “kingdome in our consciences” [ View in Source - ] and his “faith in our Consciences.” Isaac Penington wrote in his “The Authority and Government which Christ Excluded out if His Church” (and which William Rogers quoted in full in his “The Christian Quaker” [] ) that “The Conscience is the seat of Faith” [ View in Source - ]. Marginal Note: Penington’s pamphlet resulted in controversy in the gathering, especially among the “public Quakers” because those who where come out of all forms received his words therein as validation of their testimony, if not their witness, including William Rogers. Penington was compelled to qualify his words for the sake of the gathering’s outward unity. [View Source Document -]

These words and phrases reflect a direct, essential, and immersive experience which completely redirects the very foundation of human being, consciousness, awareness, conscience, identity, meaning, and purpose. The kingdom of God, the seat of Faith, and the Throne of Christ are experienced and witnessed not established somewhere outside of human being but are established and immersed in the very essence of human consciousness and conscience. Christ is witnessed at the right hand of God in the conscience of human being rather than in some outward place. Heaven is not a outward place seen and lived in at some time and place in the future space , it is an immersive experience in the consciousness of people even in the time and space of daily existence in the world. Heaven is not a way of existence we seek to establish through outward religious, political, and social reflective content and institutions; heaven is come now in the conscience and consciousness of men and is lived and witnessed in present time and place. This is the mystery of faith held in a pure conscience.

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