The mysterious inevitability that creates systematic hostility in human relations.

I’m going to start with some theological basics. Because what we’re seeing happen is a manifestation of Satan’s power. When I say that word, I’m talking about the mysterious something or somebody in the universe that creates enmity between people. So when I attribute agency to Satan, I’m not saying there’s a little red man with a pitchfork running around, but simply that some mysterious inevitability creates systemic hostility in human relations. For grammatical simplicity, I use the word Satan like the name of a character in a story. When the Bible gives him the body of a snake, I don’t think it’s because the authors of the Bible thought he was literally a talking snake but because they thought a snake would be a good allegorical representative of that intoxicating voice that gets into our consciousness.

Source: How Satan Wins in Charlotesville and Elsewhere

I am the light and you are the Light and I am within you. If you own who I am and own who you are in me, it is discovered that the process of identification with and the profession of outward ideological prescriptions inevitably create hostility in the systems and institutions such a process of identification manifests and nurtures. This inevitability is not mysterious in the inshining Light. The direct experience of the Life itself reveals, it discovers to human being, that as long as human identity, meaning, and purpose in matters of conscience and human relationships are ruled, guided, and informed by outward political, religious, and social constructs and agendas ... hostility is inevitably. As long as people are guided and informed by identification with outward constructs like racial supremacy and anti-racism there will be conflict and hostility ... it is inevitable ... one nurtures the other. There is another way. It is the way of conscience and human relationships guided and informed by the direct experience of the Life itself in itself in the conscience. The way out of this inevitability is within each of us. It is both simple and difficult ... for it involves the laying down of the very process of identification with outward ideological and institutional forms and those leaders who profess them and waiting upon the appearance of the immanent and eternal Presence within each of us. It involves unmediated participation in the Life itself in itself without regard for outward constructs and outward leaders. Living this process of being guided and informed by the inward impulse and motion that immanent Presence itself itself shatters the inevitable hostility at its source and manifests a pure conscience and pure human relations.

If you would live the life ... own who I am ... and there is peace in all things and circumstances.

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