Living in the primary and sufficient government of the spirit of Christ and being drawn out of the process of reflective thought as primary authority over human relationships and interactions.

People's relationships and interactions are generally mediated through the interplay between feelings, will, perceptions, sensations, and thoughts (the functions of the body). The appearance of the immanent and everliving presence of the spirit of Christ in the conscience sometimes draws people out of the process of being or life that is mediated through the reflective function of the body in matters relating to human interaction; they are come into relationships and interactions being guided and informed or mediated by direct awareness of the stirring of Christ's presence in a given interaction. This intuitive stirring or impulse is experienced as an incremental rising, lessening, or stagnation of direct awareness of the immanent presence of the self-sustaining spirit of Christ in the conscience and consciousness. The fluid and multi-directional awareness of Christ's presence in a given interaction or circumstance is literally what guides relationships. The experience of an upsurge in Christ's presence indicates behavior toward another is in align with the government as of Christ. An experience of a lessening of awareness of Christ's Presence indicates a check in behavior that is out of the government and life of Christ's immanent presence. It is this dynamic and living awareness of the stirrings of Christ in the conscience that is the language and communication of the spirit itself in itself. This is living in the face of God.

A recent article on the Zerohedge website entitled "After decades of Brainwashing, Msm & Governments are losing control of the People" suggests that people ought to "Conduct your life as the free, sovereign human being you were born as.." and "Live your life your own way." and "After all, if there are no order followers, there are no orders." The underlying intellectual construct or reflective form that guides and informs these thoughts is that people should self-regulate because they are sovereign or the primary authority. This is in contrast to the intellectual construct that people should be guided an informed by outward reflective forms like political, religious, and other social or communal institutions. In both forms (i.e. Individualism and Communalism) it is identification with and participation in these reflective forms which guides and informs how people relate to one another.

Whether the former, latter, or something in between, is correct or incorrect is a valid question for some. However, while reading this article, a spirit of thankfulness filled my heart. Thankfullness for the appearance of the everlasting self-sustaining power and operation of the immanent presence of the spirit of Christ continously in my conscience. I am drawn out of the process of reflective thought to guide and inform my interactions and relationships. This appearance in my conscience discovers to me a different way to relate to people that is not of the nature of reflective thought ... as the intellectual constructs self-regulation or communalism. The reflective thought self-regulation informs the adherent that the best way to relate to people is through self-interest, the reflective construct communalism informs the adherent that the interest of the community is primary. Both these forms are of the nature of the body through reflective thought. There is a different way experienced through the indwelling of the self-sustaining everliving presence of Christ in the conscience and consciousness that draws people out of the reflected mediations of the bodily nature. Relationships and interactions are not mediated through outward constructs like "self-regulation" or "community". In this context, I am guided by neither the outward reflected form of self-regulation nor communalism.

There is a different way of relating to people. In this different way, a person's relationships and interactions are established in the intuitive experience of the relative motion or impulse of the continuous experience of immanent everlasting self-sustaining being inborn in their conscience and consciousness. The operation of immanent self-sustaining being itself in itself upon the conscience and consciousness is the relative awareness of the waxing, waning, or harmony in the conscience of the life of Christ itself in itself. Being aware of this impulse is what orders a person's relationships or interactions. The operation of the spirit is the awareness of the interplay of the literal experience of the impulse of the waxing, waning, or stasis of the immanent presence of the spirit of Christ in the conscience and consciousness.

Some people reflect upon government in immanent self-sustaining Life in the conscience as individualism. However, many of us who are come into the Life itself do not experience our self as primary authority as in individualism or self-regulation. Our life and relationships are under the primary authority of everlasting, immanent and continuous presence of Christ in our conscience through our experience and awareness of the Spirit's waxing, waning, or harmonious impulse upon our heart. This is not a setting up of the individual as primary authority but the inner working of the spirit of Christ as sole, sufficient, and primary authority.

Through the appearance and presence of the spirit of Christ in the conscience and consciousness, there is a different way of socializing with people that is not of the nature of reflective thought but through the literal experience of relationships and interactions guided and informed by the increase, decrease, or stasis of a person's awareness of the spirit's presence relative to particular actions or interactions with others. This way of being is different than those who are socialized through reflective thought and the reflected forms established through the reflective process and brings people out of a life governed by outward forms in matters relating to human interaction and behavior. This is a transformation in how people relate to one another and how human relationships are organized.

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Comment by Elise Hansard on 10th mo. 17, 2020 at 8:52pm

Sorry for only now coming to your posts, so only now able to tell you that your sense of things is my own, and to thank you for being faithful  to the Light within. 


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