Helped by Quakers as a Little Girl after WWII

Tania Citvaras, a Florida resident, has been helping children in the developing world most of her life.  In Nicaragua she was a member of work brigades which helped build wells.  In 2007, she helped over forty children in Nicaragua's historic city of Granada, buying them backpacks and school supplies and throwing a party for them, complete with ice cream and acrobats.

In 2010, she met former ProNica Program Director Lillian Hall.  After hearing her talk about ProNica, she made a commitment to donate $1,500 each year for five years.

Tania explains why she was so moved to help ProNica help children:

"I was born in Berlin, Germany in 1939 right at the beginning of the war. The
city was bombed out. We played on mountains of rubble. There was hardly
any food.  It was the Quakers who for two years gave us younger children a bowl of soup or macaroni and cheese in school after the war.   Friday was special - a cup of hot chocolate and a bun.  It was often the only meal we had that day. As a child, I had no idea who the Quakers were, but later always felt great gratitude.  When the opportunity came to help the Quakers help other children,  I was very happy to get involved." 

Tania is planning a visit to Managua in January to assist another group of children who need school supplies.  " I would like to visit some of the other programs that help children that ProNica is supporting at that time because I have put ProNica in my will.  I am grateful to God that He has given me the opportunity to know about ProNica and say "thank you" and pay back for the help I was given by the Quakers when I was a hungry little girl so many, many years ago."
ProNica is blessed to have Tania as a donor.  We look forward to seeing the joy on the children's faces and Tania's as she shares her good fortune with others.
ProNica Co-Clerk and Board Member

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