Freedom from the Reflective Nature in human relations. Being born into a different faculty.

The faculty of direct awareness of the impulse of Jesus Christ in the conscience.

Freedom from the Reflective Nature in human relations.
A Testimony from a Witness

There is a different faculty of human relations which is not of the nature of reflective thought. This faculty is the direct awareness of the intensity of the inshining spirit of Jesus Christ. This impulse manifests as dilating and contracting during interaction with others to guide human relations.

The spirit of Jesus Christ within me has discovered to me a different facultly in my relationships and interactions. This faculty is awareness of the direct motion or impulse of the spirit in my conscience. The impulse is experienced as the dilation and contraction of the spirit's presence in and during interaction and circumstances. When I am aware of a dilation or increase of the spirit's presence, that suggests an affirmation of my behavior or interaction. If I experience a contraction of the spirit's presence, that often suggests a change in behavior is needed. None of this is conceptual or of the reflective nature. I am not engaged in thinking about my behavior. I am countenancing the direct motion of Christ's presence. In my experience, the act of thinking about a behaviour and seeking to conform to a reflective judgement concerning that behavior is when I am aware of the Spirit's contraction in my conscience. This awareness of the Spirit's contraction in my conscience manifests being drawn out of affection for the direct presence of Christ's spirit and being drawn into affection for the reflective nature. When I repent and turn again to the immediate and direct presence of Christ in my conscience there is awareness of the Spirit's enlargement in my conscience.

This different faculty has drawn me out of the reflective nature and it's political, religious, and educational forms to guide and inform human relations. No longer does political, religious, or educational ideological constructs and the people and institutions who promote and profess them guide and inform my interactions and relationships. For example, no concepts like humility, pride, patience, impatience, love, hate, inclusiveness, diversity, freedom of association, or any reflected construct informs my interactions. Neither am I guided or informed by the people and institutions that promote and profess identification with conceptual forms manifested through the reflective nature.

My faith is founded solely in the sufficiency of the living power of the Holy Spirit itself in itself to guide human relations without regard for the reflective nature and the political, religious, educational, institutions and people that promote the reflective nature to rule and administer human relations. The power of the immanent presence of the spirit of Christ is sufficient in itself to rule, direct, and administer human relations through its living enthronement in the conscience and consciousness.

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