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Watchfulness in daily life ... reflecting the journey in the inner Light

Isaac Penington ever brings to the mind of the reader that thinking about Faith and even having faith in thoughts about faith is not sufficient for salvation. Penington ever admonishes to "go further." In the Light, Faith, Peace, Love, Patience, etc. are verbal in essence. Peace, for example, is the result of individual conscious and conscience anchored in and being ever present in the Light. To the extent we seek Peace through outward means like political action or other institutional and…


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A Turning ... the renewal of conscious and conscience

There is a spiritual nature in each of us. This spiritual nature is the experience and knowledge of the transformation of conscious and conscience by the illumination of the inner Light. This illumination transforms and anchors the conscious and conscience in itself so that no longer is awareness and moral guidance anchored in the world of form; ideological, institutional, abstract. The thoughts and doctrine of those who profess outward forms and would bind men and women to their doctrine…


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A Story: by Keith F. Saylor - With an Afterword by Isaac Penington

There was a farmer who grew crops using artificial lighting and methods documented in a book he cherished. One day another farmer came to him and said that he does not use unnatural light but relies on the natural sun, in itself, to sustain and grow crops. The former responded by saying the sun certainly has its place, however, just look at how well his crops were growing under these artificial conditions and offered the latter his book and articles on unnatural growing methods.…


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George Fox - The Church, State, and the Individual - people's conscience are to be left free.

The conscience of people are to be ruled, guided, and governed not by the outward church nor the outward rules of government. The eternal Light that shines in conscience, toward the turning or renewal of the mind, is the true rule and government of people.

From: The Works of George Fox, Volume 3, pg.16

"And as for all churches (so called) and professions and gatherings of people, we beheld you as all in the apostacy and degeneration from the true church, not…


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In Affirmation ... The Early Quaker Experience ... In the words of Edward Burrough

This quote below is a wonderful affirmation of foundation of Quakerism in the words of Edward Burrough.

His affirmation of mind being turned in the Light and of strength to let go of the thoughts of professors and our own thoughts ... no longer bound to reflective thinking. This giving over all reflective thought to intuitive thinking in the Presence is not just the foundation of Quakerism, but that of Christianity. This rejection of abstract thought and outward institutions…


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An Inward and Living Christmas Story

An Inward and Living Christmas Story

by Job Scott

Edited Into Five Movements by Keith Saylor

Source: Essays on Salvation by Job Scott, Friends' Book Association, 1894


Except we are regenerated and born again ; that is, except another birth and life take place in us, besides our natural birth into, and life in this world and into things natural; except a work, that, strictly…


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