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John Wilbur and immediacy or The Way Not Mediated

Thinking out loud ...

Please read the 10 quotations below from Wilbur's Journal.

In the Journal of the Life of John Wilbur he writes:

"A disposition is making its appearance in divers places in this nation, and among Friends, to think very little of the cross of Christ, practically, and to plead for liberality, both of faith and practice; the perceptible influence of the Holy Spirit is mournfully deprecated by…


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John Wilbur's Journal and Source Materials

Hello Everyone ... I'm deep in my journal with John Wilbur. This is my eighth reading in five years. On this reading I am trying my best to secure and read the various documents mentioned in the Journal; especially those of Gurney. Two pieces by J. J. Gurney I was am hard pressed to locate:

"Strictures on Truth Vindicated (STV)" and "Misinterpretations of Scripture (MOS) "

Happily, I did come across a reprint in the "The Inquirer" in 1838 of the latter piece. However I've…


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