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Lichenizing on the Elk RIver and creation groans and I am in the Spirit; an heir in the Spirit

The last couple days I've been lichenizing (observing lichen) on the Elk River here in Oregon. I was walking the brooks that feed into Elk River, and watching for various lichen species on the rocks, tree, and shrubs and in gratitude for the inward Life filling my conscious and informing my conscious. To be in that new life ... no longer anchored in the perceptions and sensations all around. I am alive in eternal Presence itself and suddenly these words washed over me:…


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The Establishment of Outward Doctrine invades Christ's Prerogative: William Rogers - "Christian Quaker" 1680.

From William Rogers - "Christian Quaker" - published in 1680.

"As to the word Established, we further add, That the word (as used in the Objection) is disowned by us; for though the Children of God may be Instruments in the hand of the Lord, to establish one another in the Faith of God's Elect, yet 'tis not in their power, or any one of them, positively and without exception, to establish what ought to be believed and practiced, whether it respect Doctrine, or…


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Micah Bales and that “extreme” “interventionist” “crazy talk.”

Micah Bales and that “extreme” “interventionist” “crazy talk.”

In a recent piece entitled “God” is no Substitute for Strategy” Micah Bales breaks down the founding Quaker testimony of and witness to the sufficiency of the immediate and direct inward presence of the Spirit of God as “crazy talk.” He then doubles down by labeling or characterizing…


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William Rogers: The founding Quakers and no adherence to outward Marks and Signs.

William Rogers - Christian Quaker - First Part - Section 4 - pages 23-27

It has been suggested the Rogers' text is difficult to read. I'm working on a way to share Rogers' "Christian Quaker" by making it easier to experience his work. This is a beginning. I offer an overview and then link to the original text with somewhat of a paraphrase along side.


In this section Rogers deals with the contention, by some, that it is silly for someone to…


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On the Practical Nature of Being Lead in the Light.

The essence of human being lead by the impulse of directly experiencing Presence from within the conscious and conscience is the leading of Presence in itself. In this life, human being acts in the context of the activity or awareness of the inshining Light. Actions are guided by whether the inward experience of the Spirit sustains in the activity. When the inward Light dims in a particular activity, that activity is adjusted in conformity with the dimming inward radiance in…


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Hyper-individualism and the Testimony of and Witness to the Sufficiency of Presence itself.

"Hyper-individualism is the displacement of communal commitments which are replaced by individual expression.  The best example I can think of in Quaker history is the replacement of the Peace Witness as a Communal Commitment with the individual conscience of members.  Whereas in the past members of the Quaker Meetings could be 'written out of the Meeting' for violating the Peace Witness, or living a life that was felt to be contrary to that witness,…


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