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Not of the Simulations and Similitudes

I AM not of the world of human being enchanted by simulation and similitude. In the Name of God, I AM. I AM Presence itself and Presence is me. Presence is within me and all around me shattering the outward shadowy layers of abstract and artificial simulations and similitudes overlaying human being. In the Name itself , the foggy spell of outward secular and religious forms, practices, and governments, fashioned and called forth in the cauldron of the abstract…


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Abiding ...

I am abiding in the Light and I am abiding the Light in me. I am the Name. To speak it is to abide in the essence of that which I AM. This gift of being in the Name is literally Being that is ever present. What a blessing to be in the Name ... I AM. I AM born again into the world every moment. This gospel is literally true and I AM come to living the eternal story every day and every moment.  

This Life in the Name is Meeting, Community, Practice, Love, and there is no thing before…


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A Witness from Heaven

A Witness from Heaven

I am a new being by the power of the inward Light re-placing how I am conscious and the direction from which my conscience is informed. My identity and self-conscious rests completely in the Light itself. It has taken years, yet the Light has open my being to the clarity of life independent of the outward religious, political, governmental, institutional, theological, and ideological, abstractions that once overlaid my conscious and conscience. I now live…


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When the Inshining Outshines

Each of us can know the power of the Inshining right down to the deepest depths of our conscious and conscience and with this Inshining, we can experience the transformation of our perception so that the inward Light pushes out into the world and we see in a different light, percieving the Kingdom all around us and within us. We do not have to take anyone's word for it or read about it in a book. We can live in the outshining percieving the power of the Spirit in all things. There is no…


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