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Living daily in the thing itself

I am preserving various foods for the winter these past few days in with fellowship inward Light. This Fellowship renews in the activities of the day so that no thing is a burden. The activity itself is fellowship. What peace there is to experience directly fellowship in the Presence itself so that all activities are worship and edifying. As I work, I share and live the witness of Isaac Peningtion:

Take not up a rest in openings of things, though by the true…


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Imagination Free in the Life

This afternoon, while crossing the street at a traffic light, a person, either unmindful of the light or ignoring it, came close to hitting me with his vehicle. He did not stop. There was a time when I would have become angry or, at best, frustrated by this event. Yet today, Presence filled imagination and anger or frustration had no place. In place of those is the intuitively experienced Freedom transcending outward feelings and thoughts that would enchant the Inward Light in the dim of the…


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The Name Spoken in all Things.

In Presence, I am awake in all doing. The times over the past months in daily interaction with people and amongst wild things now phases into more restive activities in the shop; creating and restoring. The guidance of inward Presence is manifest victory over the idols of abstracted mind. I move through moments while alive in between; in the eternal. No longer bound by the past or future .. no longer predicated, I am the eternal Name. I am spoken and breathed in ever illuminated and renewed…


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A Morning Pray. Watchful of the Perfect Day

On this day and in these moments:

May the Life and Presence of Christ enlighten our consciousness and conscious.

May we unite with and in Presence so that our life is in the Life itself and not predicated on outward beliefs, ideologies, theologies, practices, and secular or religious institutions.

May we know the perpetual watch in all things.

May we eat from the bread of Presence in and during our hourly relations.



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Eating the bread of Presence ... the daily and hourly living Eucharist.

Eating the bread of Presence ... the daily and hourly living Eucharist.

This past couple weeks, I’ve been focused on giving talks about an endangered species. These talks have been in High School, Middle School, Elementary, and before that camping environments. Some days, I was giving one hour, back to back presentations, for up to six hours straight. The content and circumstance of the talk are not relevant. I wish to share with you a particular experience I had while right in the…


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