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The immediate power of life in itself in the thing itself.

From Isaac Penington

Take not up a rest in openings of things, though by the true key. Take heed of overvaluing that kind of knowledge; for that part which overvalues that knowledge will presently be puffed up with it: but there is a more excellent and safer kind of knowledge to be pressed after, which is a knowledge of things by receiving of them. There is a knowledge of things by the Spirit's opening the words which speak of them, or by inward, immediate prophecies from…


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The withdraw of affection for meaning, purpose, and identity anchored in outward political and religious forms and institutions.

Or founding Quaker Heterodoxy revealed in the words of an early disaffected Quaker, Francis Bugg

I have recently been reading the writings of Francis Bugg as part of my ongoing work to give context to William Rogers documentation (1680) of John Wilkinson's and John Story's disagreement with George Fox and the institutionalization of the early Quaker gathering.

Briefly, Francis Bugg was a member of the early Quaker gathering. He eventually left the Quakers and set about actively…


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Living the sufficiency of immanent Presence in the midst of conflict.

The circumstance of my life for the past few months has afforded the opportunity to walk among and interact with people whose identity, meaning, and purpose is, by their admission, anchored in a way of being or consciousness that "sees" itself in the context of outwardly reflected political and religious ideologies, theologies, traditions, creeds, and practices and the process through which those reflections occur.

The process of meaning, purpose, and identity being reflected through…


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