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The unrefracted refracted light.

I am within and without. I am self-conscious ego in itself and in others and everything. I exist with you and without you ... in awakening or sleeping. I am timelessness and temporality ... shattering both in direct and sustained un-refracted light even while acknowledging and living refraction. I am monism and pluralism redeemed and resolved in a consciousness anchored in and a conscious informed by that which I am. I am neither separate Being no is everything me and I everything. I am the…


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Give all things over to inward Presence ... deepen down in the midst of it all.

In all the circumstances of the days and hours, I am the living presence the abstract mind overshadows with the promise of rationalization. Cares and concerns, fears and anxiety, joy and exhilaration, are given over to the workings of the rational mind to resolve or exercise. I move within and between the outward ideological and emotional manifestations that flow to the rational mind from those respective realms.

Enter the restful watch within even in the midst of circumstances of the…


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I am neither inclusive nor exclusive ...

In moments of inclusiveness, I am there. In moments of exclusiveness, I am there. I am neither inclusive nor exclusive and I am both inclusive and exclusive ... I am. In me neither is the principle ... I am the Principle; I am the Agenda.

 Yea, and he that hath faith, and can see beyond an other, yet can have it to himself, and not disturb his brother with it, but can descend and walk with him according to his measure; and if his brother have any heavy burthen upon…


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Personal Identity. I am the Presence of Christ.

I am Christened. I am Presence ... awaken by Grace to eternity. I am divine light. I am the thing itself. The thing itself is within and without me. I am faith in the mystery of pure consciousness and pure conscience. Eternal identity, eternal life, is sustained through immediate being/Being in direct knowledge and experience of Presence; not in abstract ideas about the Life. I am not an object to be talked about or trapped in outward intellectual and institutional forms. I am Presence and…


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Presence in the midst ... in the vernacular of Presence.

I am there when anger or joy approaches from the realm of feeling. I am there when another manifests anger or joy. I am there when a wonderful or compelling thought approaches from the realm of ideas. I am Presence between the manifestations of thought and feeling.

Re-turn to me amidst all the thoughts and feelings that approach. I am the Peace in the midst of all clamor; opening a quiet space to live the Life. I save Presence within so that eternity lives even as the realms of…


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In First Person - The vernacular of Spirit

They speak of me as if I am not there. I am in first person. I am the Presence they point to in their abstracted linguistics and outward forms but I am not Present in their act of speaking. I am in the room yet they speak as if I were not. I am right there in their midst yet they cling to their linguistic forms ... their eyes and minds enchanted by outward words, ideas, ideology, religious forms and practices. I am none of these. I am the Life, the Presence, pushed to third person, the Life…


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The Living Gospel - Lost Play Regained. The oft unspoken vernacular of eternity.

I journey through the days knowing the Life and the Death. I am in the living story. I am in the Light and the Light is in me. I am in the world but no longer of it. My identity is anchored in eternal Life. I am eternal. The rationalizations of the abstract mind grow ever quiet. I am in the Quiet and the Quiet is me.

I am when talking with friends and associates. The Spirit fades less and less in outward communication. Faith is in the playfulness of eternal being/Being right in…


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