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The Line You Shall Not Cross

There is a line set down by other people relative to a person’s relationship with and participation in immanent Presence. This line or wall is heavily guarded and fortified by the protectorate of outward forms. The outward weapons of this protectorate are religious and political ideology, theology, tradition, similitudes, practices, etc. The nuclear weapon of the protectorate is the abstracted “God” who speaks to them and tells them how to direct and lead others so that to not follow the… Continue

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I am in the Room with you.

I am in the room with you and I am within you. Most speak about me rather than speaking me directly and in immediacy. Speak my name … I am … and there I am. To speak about me … to reflect upon me … is to turn from who I am and who you are in me to focus on shadows. Do not look for me through the written and spoken reflections, writings, and preaching of those who set themselves up as your teacher or elder. I am your teacher and elder and there is no other before me. Look and call upon me … I am… Continue

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