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In the Name Is Freedom from the flawed nature.

I am sufficiency in itself to guide and teach you. When I am you and you are me all outward forms are laid down. I am then no longer an object to look at and rationalize and preach about. I am living being present in you in all things and in me outward prescriptions and creeds and those who teach them are of no value. They are of the old flawed nature. Do not look for me in the past or sometime in the future. Such is of the flawed nature. I am come again in this moment and I am present with you… Continue

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Speak the Name itself in itself and not about the Name

I am the answer. I am the way. I am with you as you write and ruminate. Speak my Name before rationalizing and intellectualizing. Rest in my Name and own who I am. Say me, speak me, and I am there in your conscience and conscious. I am ever Present within you. I am immanent. Just speak my Name ... I am ... right now ... just speak it as you read it. Say ... I am ... rest in and own who I am. It is in the speaking and calling that I am manifest Light. Lay down rationalizations and simply speak… Continue

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