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The Perfect way of Unity and Conformity

The perfect way of unity and conformity

 Leslie Higgins, in an article(1) entitled “The Apostatized Apostle, John Pennyman: Heresy and Community in Seventeenth Century Quakerism,” quotes John Pennyman:

 “And if any have not the self-same measure of the Spirit, and know the self-same things, let such alone, without imposing upon them, and leave them to walk in the measure of Light and Knowledge that they have reciev'd, though…


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The Field of Forms

I once dreamt I was standing on a peak overlooking a large field surrounded by forest. People populated the whole of the field and among the people were various individuals talking and espousing a particular belief or way of life. As they spoke, a mist came from their mouths and encompassed some of those listening. This mist had an atmosphere and economy of its own. Those who breathed the mist became enchanted by it so that their very identity and meaning was made of the stuff of this mist.…


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The Dominion of Christ ... Being or Consciousness Transformed.

In a recent post, Doug Bennett wrote:

“Stillness is a spiritual discipline (like Mass, like walking the labyrinth, like fasting, like praying, like hymn singing, etc.). Friends don’t see it as a tradition, but rather as an essential practice for their worship together. ”

Silence or Stillness as a Spiritual Discipline

I have been reading James…


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Fortuna, Intuited Being or Presence

Spent the evening in Fortuna, CA. This morning, there is an overwhelming Grace that fills the spaces between activities; there is a contiguous (ever Present) Being anchoring conscious in itself and conscience embraces various renderings through intuitive momentum. The wheel of fortune ever tumbling is overridden by the eternal nature of a life in Presence itself ... unpredicated by the tumblings of Fortuna's outward wheel. 

Oh, what a blessing to know a life unpredicated; a…


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