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Indeed, in the grace of the Lord, and the principle of his life, there is sufficiency

George MacDonald in his 'Cross Purposes and the Shadows" writes:

... for many things we never could believe, have only to happen,  and then there is nothing strange about them.

The awakening into a new way of being through the illumination of consciousness and conscience by the inward Light is unbelievable outside the experience. However, when the Light shines within the soul it is as natural as the former life outside the Light.

Lately,  as I…


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" ... without reference to any gathered people ..."

John Barclay 

Hastings, in Sussex, 8th mo. 1837

Many there are, who have retired from all other persuasions and systems, and walk much alone in religion, and these often say, Friends are not what they once were; that they unite with G. Fox, Barclay, &c, but not with modern Friends. Many hidden, precious, seeking characters there are, scattered up and down ; so that I have been ready to think the messengers will have to go more into the highways…


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