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The Significance of William Rogers Historical Documentation written in 1680

William Rogers states in his book "The Christian-Quaker ..." that his specific intent was it is a historical document set down for posterity so that future Children of Light may know the testimony of those founding Quakers who did not follow other founding Quakers who institutionalized those gathered in the inshining Light.

In the First Part of his book Rogers writes on pages 41 and 42:

"Oh, Friends! away with all such discourse, that tells you in one Line, that no Man, Men, no…


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Do not Borrow or Steal in the face of ridicule, innuendo, and characterization.

When the measure of presence or illumination of the inshining Light is so strong and bright that identity, meaning, and purpose, is complete in the Light ( or inherent self-existence) itself without reference to any other outward forms, traditions, feelings, ideologies, institutions, practices, etc., then ridicule, mischaracterization, innuendo, caricature, and illusions, do not deflect or turn from direct Witness (or inherent self-existence) itself in itself. That is, the heritage of…


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Outward Arbiters and Judges of Truth

"I overestimated the media. My profession is no longer a trusted arbiter of the truth, which means the country lacks a common set of facts around which to argue."

-- Ron Fournier - The Atlantic

It is such a blessing to know a way of existence wherein the direct and unmediated experience of inshining Light itself is sole arbiter without regard to any outward social or civic professions whether political, religious, or economic. To witness the indwelling…


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Conscience ... the throne of Christ

James Nayler writes of the:

... Light shining into the conscience* [the throne of Christ] ....

William Rogers writes:

Oh Friends, let the Remembrance of this Day come before you, and consider further, what was the voice of the Eternal Power unto such, who were struck of the Power of God; I well remember the voice was on this wise, To your own, to your own, to your own. Meaning thereby that they should turn…


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Contending over the Shell and not the Kernel

In William Roger's preface to his historical documentation (Written in 1680) of the disunity that arose within the gathering of the Children of Light (Quaker) over the establishment of outward frameworks to assist governance of the gathering as a whole he writes:

[The institution builders say] ... "let us have an eye to the Brethren: Further insinuating, as if God, had ordained Ministers amongst them, that are to see and hear for the Body, and common Members of the Churches, ... I…


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