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A Response to Adria Gulizia


I do not share your negative conviction concerning the recent election. I attended the 1980 republican convention in Detroit as a young republican and witnessed the elation and exuberance of those who voted for Ronald Reagan. I also attended to and observed the tears and fears of… Continue

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A response to Lucy Duncan and AFSC

Source: [’s-march]

Hello Lucy,

I wish to use the occasion of comment to offer and recommend a different way than the one you offer and will leave it to the conscience of others whether this way is more profitable to spiritual being than the one…


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A Response to Micah Bales


Yes, it is a blessing to testify to the witness that there is a different way than the way of gaining meaning and purpose through identification with outward political and religious ideologies and agendas and those teachers and ministers who profess and promote them. We share this different way with our millions of…


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Abiding in my Watch

The inshining Light in my conscious and conscience has discovered to me that I am come into the Light itself as the source of meaning, purpose, and identity in this world and has discovered to me that, by the appearance of the inshining Light consciousness will sustain upon the death of my body. I am come into salvation. I am come into the second Life. 

In this Life, the professors and agitators of outward political, religious, and economic forms have no power. Their words of…


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