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Not so among us ...

As it has been all along the history of human beings' renunciation of its measure of inknowing through the power of the direct illumination of Presence itself, today people gather around and are enchanted simulations or shadows of life rather than the Life itself. Men and woman (ministers, philosophers, theologians, teachers, politicians, political and religious activists) fashion religious and secular ideological, theological, political, institutional, and scriptural simulations of…


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They will tell you they have answers

They'll tell you they have the answer.

When your up against the concrete

on the diagonal beneath life and death.

Floating under the bridge in between the space were cold becomes warm,

and death is life.

They will come to you with their answers and promises.

Though their promises don't inspire, because they are expired.

When your soul aches,

In the solitude of heart break,

Peace is creased in the fold of the expressed; in the space where hate…


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The Spirit begins in the conscience.

So that the true church government being in the Spirit, and over the conscience as in the sight of God, the great care must be to keep it within its bounds, that nothing else govern but the Spirit, and that the government be extended only unto that which is to be governed.

First, Care must be had that nothing govern in the church of Christ, but the spirit of Christ: that nothing else teach; nothing else exhort; nothing else admonish and reprove ; nothing else cut off and…


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