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The title is a bit tongue in cheek in homage to Friends who wince at "hyphenated Quakers". Pardon my humor.

I've been thinking alot about my Plain direction. In some ways it is not very plain. I'm a tropical bird by birth so I wear patterns rather than solid colors. It doesn't really bother me that I'm not a blue/gray/black/brown Plain Friend, but I have noticed the difference. More interesting though was my realization that the way I've been dressing; long skirts (ankle), modest tops,… Continue

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Plainness is catching!

I noticed this when I first started reading about plainness and simplicity. It is by no means a solely Quaker phenomenon. I have encountered Plain Catholics, Pagans, Anglicans, and Unaffiliated Christians. I felt that perhaps this might be one benefit of our current recession - it has reminded many of us of what is important and what is not, what must be maintained and what must be cut away. There was a great article in the New York Times to that end today. "But Will It Make You Happy?"… Continue

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Why I am a Plain-dressing Quaker, and why I cover

I was walking the dog today and processed a lot of this Plain thing that has been going on. I realize by just saying, “I think I’ve figured it out” that I have not indeed figured anything out for any length of time. So here’s what I have so far.…


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Writing my dissertation - I need help

I loved taking the classes, writing the papers, executing the projects, etc for this doctorate in epidemiology. I'm having the hardest time staying focused on the dissertation. I attend Walden University and love the online experience. Walden structures its dissertation writing so that you must register for a class with classmates who have the same chairperson. Each quarter is dedicated to different parts of the writing process. The first part is Chapter 2 - literature review. I have to review… Continue

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As part of my process of coming out to the World as plain(er), I use the apron confession to ease my friends into it. "I have an apron" I confess.

That conversation usually goes something like,

"You have an apron?"



"How many things have you ruined by cooking or cleaning in them?" I ask.

I get a knowing nod.

"What you need," I suggest, "is an apron".

"Oh, I just wear the oldest rattiest clothes I can find to… Continue

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Gosh I think I'm a Quitter! Looking for Clearness! Originally Posted 6-7-10

I am an adjunct university instructor for a number of institutions;

Mount St. Mary's University, University of Phoenix online, University

of Phoenix Harrisburg campus, and Frederick Community College. I had

also, some time ago, applied to Kaplan University and have been

accepted there. I am currently going through the training process with

Kaplan. Online schools make faculty undergo rigorous training before

they let you into the classroom (traditional schools kind… Continue

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Is Thee Plain Originally Posted 5-26-2010

Had an interesting thing happen at the park this morning. I take my dog

to the park in Chambersburg and on my way back from the doggy water

fountain I saw a woman and two small children coming my way. She wore a

long denim skirt (ankle), and a simple long-sleeved Henley type shirt.

She also wore a white bun cover. I recognized her right away! I mean, I

didn't know her of course, but you know what I mean.

"Is thee plain?" I asked in my excitement. I hope I wasn't… Continue

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Bought a cap and apron... Originally posted 5-24-2010

I went to Katie's Mercantile

(thanks, looking for a strong apron. Now that I

take the care of my hearth seriously I felt led to dress for it. Like I

said in earlier posts, I wake up, make my bed, wash my face, and dress

for the day from the skin out. Right now house/hearth keeping… Continue

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Slowing down is driving me crazy! But in a good way. (originally posted 5-14-2010)

My house is a mess. I've been a slob for all of my life save these past

few weeks when the mess has been distressing me to no end. Why the

change in perspective? I think it's as I said; as my mind finds order

my spaces must also follow suit. My sister-friend couldn't come today

to help me clean, but conversations with her, and with you all, have

inspired me to industry in a way that I barely recognize.

I've started in the kitchen. How did I live with this all… Continue

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