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A Testimony to Living Witness ...
I am gathered in and by the inshining Light itself in itself upon my conscience and live this gathering in all things and circumstances. This gathered life owns the Light as the foundation of consciousness and is the sole informer and guide in and of the conscience. In this gathered Life, I experience self-consciousness in participation with the Light itself so that I am come into, experimentally, the active living and identification with the Light itself; in this way, I am the Light and know and own who I am which is shared by and is the inheritance of all persons.

In being gathered by the Light, it is discovered that this experimentally gathered Life is sufficient in itself to rule and govern the conscience and support consciousness; so that I am come out of identification with outward religious, political, and social, forms and contrivances as a source of meaning or purpose. I am not of these things. I am gathered into the invisible Children of Light ... independent and unaffiliated with any outward political, religious, or social form or institution; including the the outward forms and institution of Quakerism. I am gathered into the independent and unaffiliated Children of Light.

Trade: Upholsterer and semi-professional Natural Historian

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  • Forrest Curo

    Thanks for the question. It looks to me to be another example of someone intelligently missing the point -- but right now I don't have time to finish it; my wife likes me to rest her eyes by reading to her before we meditate. More later, I hope, after I'm done reading & digesting...

  • Forrest Curo

    For a beginning, he's misread what Jesus was talking about and misinterpreted the purpose of the young man's question. Later on, he gets caught in a misleading dichotomy between someone's idea of liberal individualism vs someone's idea of community authority; the truth is seldom anywhere near a dichotomy, neither on an end nor in the middle, but simply somewhere else. He seems to end up hoping that "capitalism" (wherever _that_ might be found!) may be a loose enough system to leave more room for following Christ -- another great confusion of irrelevancies and what transcends all that... stuff. It isn't that some people think too much; but quantity is never a substitute for quality. Theology should never be abandoned to theologians, 'armchair' or any other sort -- but no doubt God forgives us our efforts.

  • Forrest Curo

    As some of the older people in my Meeting would have said, "Perhaps the message was not addressed to [me]."