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I have farmed, ranched and logged since leaving school, many many moons ago. I am what is termed as an Isolated Friend and attended Meeting when ranching and fuel tank allowed. These days I am retired, sold the ranch and moved to a village near Kamloops. I still am an avid veg and fruit gardener and have a few hens for eggs. My passion for ranching has shifted and returned to a passion of my youth, motorcycles. Now instead of a barn full of cattle I have a shed full of motorbikes, which allow me to explore the beautiful area that I live in. I am a convinced Quaker with family ties to Quakers right back to Herefordshire, England in 1670.

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  • Susan La Rue

    Thank you Rob.  It's very difficult to be an isolated Friend, but I'm so grateful for the those I'm able to meet and fellowship with on the internet. : )
  • Chris Beauchamp

    Dear Rob:  Oh I love sheep.  Would you please pet a sheep for me, from me to the sheep.  (does that make sense??       They are so cute. .

  • Timothy

    I really like your pictures. Thanks for sharing them here. I thought the mountains here were a nice size, but those out west are even higher! It really looks like a beautiful place in British Columbia, Canada. The highest point in Virginia is Mount Rodgers: 5,729 ft and those look much taller yet still!

    Blessings to you.