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Unaffiliated Conservative Friend, with strong Anabaptist leanings!

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  • Olaf Radicke

    Hello William!

    Yes you are right, this is a place full of history. For quakers and mennonites. I move there in January. Currently I'm still living in Augsburg. Here in Augsburg I have close contacts with Mennonites. We have Mennonite and Quaker style meetings.

    Currently there are no Quaker meetings (monthly meeting) in Krefeld. I hope this will change ;-)

    But you know, the real Quakers in Germany always emigrate. That is the problem! :-)

  • Marcia P Roberts

    Hi William, 

    Thanks for the article on Wilburite Meetings for Worship, which read in snatches over time, and now need to reread before commenting.  You give plenty of food for thought and more to ponder.

  • Rainer Möller

    Hi William,

    thanks for the reminder of Wikipedia. They don't tell us much, but I see that Whittier wrote a book "In war time" (1864) which should be informative.  As for the place between Quakers and Mennonites, we have probably a lot in common.