I don't want to sound like I'm obsessed with a single topic, but I am working through my changing appearance and what this means to me and the people I encounter - friends and others. I am going from modest dress, long dresses/skirts in dark colors which I have worn for years, to a head covering and more plain looking, maybe traditional looking, clothes (dresses, shawls). i am feeling so HAPPY and at peace with this change! I feel like "me" as never before. And as I wrestle with the "what to say..." I suddenly realized that my agony stems from the fact that I grew up and live in a culture where we operate out of our heads instead of our hearts! Everything I have ever done had a good and well thought out explanation! I learned early how to make "good" decisions by "weighing all the alternatives" etc. Though my husband and I have not in fact made decisions that way, that is the culturally approved method!

So now I understand why I have been feeling obligated to have a ready explanation for my appearance - because it is unheard of in my world to do something like this because you are following your heart, let alone following the leading of Jesus, unless you can then "explain" it - in terms of theology, or the rules of your denomination, or whatever.

Though I can't point to the biblical references, I know that we are to be as children who follow unquestioningly, not like the learned men who live from their intellects and have to have rational answers to questions.

Maybe I am being guided to dress like this precisely because there is NOT a good answer to why and I have to wean myself from my over developed intellect! I have to humble myself to answer "I don't know why, but I have to do it"! Oh my, how scary, and yet how freeing! God by praised!


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I don't feel a need to explain, although I do feel a common bond with another woman who is Muslim.  She's the mom of a girl at my daughter's gymnastics class and we usually sit together and chat during the sessions. 



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