What do you people think about the things mentioned above? I ask in particular about what you think about this in relation to plain dress, simplicity and the subjects of this group?


What are your ideas on what is modest and plainness and how do they mix for you, if all? Do you follow your own standards or do you struggle?


Hair:Do you cut or color it? Do you consider your particular choice plain and/or modest and why? Do you have ideas of modesty/plainness and body hair?





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I relate to your rant! I don't have such a problem with specific styles but it is completely infuriating to try to pick out a pair of glasses without logos or cutouts or sparkly things on them. I think I tried on every pair of glasses in the shop the last time I needed new frames before I found a pair of simple black frames that worked on my face without all the bling. I had a buy-one/get-one coupon and by the time I'd picked out my seeing glasses and was looking for sunglasses, I was so overwhelmed that I pretty much just grabbed the first pair I came to that would work with my scooter helmet. They're much flashier than I would ever normally pick and I keep them in my glove box as an emergency back-up only. Crazy that being untrendy is so hard.

Mary Linda



By spending an afternoon trying on every pair of jeans in my size on the Goodwill rack, I've found Gap size 10 fit perfectly so now I go into Goodwill and look through jeans looking only for the Gap label. My life was simplified greatly by this discovery. I don't blame you for sticking with what works. No offense, Tom, but men simply don't have anywhere near the same issues with jeans that women do.


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