Friends of Jesus Fellowship Members (19)

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Adria Gulizia

Newark, NJ, United States

Micah Bales

Washington, DC, United States


Washington, DC, United States

Jennifer Winters

Ellicott City, MD, United States

M.Charlotte Oliver

Aurora, CO, United States

Mike Widney

Big Lake, AK, United States

Dillon James

Oakland, MD, United States

Zaley Warkentin

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

David Anthony

Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

Hoot Williams

Philadelphia, PA, United States

James C Schultz

Ronkonkoma, NY, United States

Mark S. Blevins

Chattanooga, TN, United States

Michelle Williamson

Ferndale, MI, United States

Irene Lape

Huntington, NY, United States

Rich Accetta-Evans

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Tyler Hampton

Detroit, MI, United States

Mark Russ

London, United Kingdom

Bill Samuel

Rockville, MD, United States

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