Are you in the DC area? Interested in exploring radical community in the way of Jesus? This is a space for discussion about what that might mean for us. 

The Friends of Jesus Fellowship in Washington, DC is currently holding small group Bible studies, occasional worship, and just being part of one another's lives. We invite you to participate in our community, and see how God is leading us together!

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Hi Micah, I am in Ellicott City (moved here from Florida in June).  I haven't been able to attend a FOJF event yet, but I hope to make one someday, soon!  I attend the Patapsco Friends Meeting in EC.

Howdy, Jennifer! We'd love to have you come join us. Our next brunch and Quaker worship is coming up on March 6th. More details here:

Let me know if you have any questions, and look forward to connecting!


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