I didn't want to watch the video about why is everyone in my meeting over 50?  I am sure it isn't insulting or it wouldn't have been featured.  I may be OLD but I got to see all the GOOD BANDS, buddy!  (As the t-shirt proclaims) Well, I gots to go get my orthopedic shoes installed now, young'uns.  I wore out Led Zeppelin 4 on vinyl, cassette and yes, 8 track before your mommy met your daddy!

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try this for size.


It was really a panel of 20-somethings talking about how to keep 20-somethings involved in your Meeting, how to stay connected even when kids move away for college, etc.

And since when are orthopedics a sign of age?

I was just kidding MacKenzie!  I know what the discussion  was!  I just decided to pipe in with a discussion, talking about my g-g-g-g-g-g-generation! We used to say, hope I die before I get old, but I surely don't feel that way now!  I don't know how old thee is, but when I was a girl there was a certain sort of black lace up boot that had special foot  support features,  that all the beautiful old women used to wear in my Methodist Church, and in those days those shoes were referred to as orthopedics.   Oh those women were so beautiful, I will say.  How they would sit and glow in church.  Anyway, in the hippie days, it got to be very cool to go down to the Public Market in Seattle and buy the sort of vintage clothes that were popular in the 80 plus set. Pike Place Market, there would be places to buy vintage clothing, as well as of course the famous fish and foods and such.  Plus, it offered plenty of opportunity to encounter recruiters from various sects, so our heads were always spinning with the latest 70s religious teaching!  So we would wear these black lace up boots, and all kinds of other accessories and it was just the coolest thing ever.   And this made our own parents, who came of age in the late 40s and early 50s laugh at us!  So glad to be born when I was! It is a wonderful time now to be eternally free and eternally young, too.

26 :) My brother asked at our cousin's wedding last year whether my shoes "served some sort of orthopedic purpose," I guess because he didn't think they were cute enough for wearing at a wedding. "Yes." 

It's a bit bothersome when people act like disability is something young folks don't experience.

OH so you wear particular shoes!  Well, never would I have thought that my orthopedic shoe comment would be offensive, but I guess I really didn't think, cuz I haven't thought about orthopedic shoes at all for years.  Well are your shoes cute?  Rather fortunately for those who wear shoes for some sort of medial purpose that shoes come in such an interesting variety these days, and the more unusual or funkier the shoes are, the cooler they are.  Of course those doing Plain Dress might buy some of those lace-ups Kimberly has on her Plainly Dressed, but incidentally, they are still quite fashionable whether one wants to be fashionable or not.  I would never think that young people don't have disabilities.  Well, tell me, I will leave it up thee, does thee think the orthopedic shoe comment is offensive enough that I ought to take it down?  I haven't been on this site for a couple of months, because I realized it wasn't the place to get real spiritual fellowship and that it was in fact distracting me spiritually. But it is a nice place to exchange information.  The last thing I want to do is come back on this website and inadvertently offend someone straight off.   Besides supportive shoes, by the way, there are a number of supportive measures that I find I need increasingly for my body!  So I might make reference to my heartburn medicine, my frequent naps,  or various other issues besides shoes to be less offensive! But then I may offend the heartburn suffering community, or the frequent nap taking community and have to spend hours apologizing.

So it seems I may be taking this post down because I said something that could hurt  feelings regarding medically needed shoes, which I didn't mean to do.  So,  I also started a lot of Tom Foolery again, which is why I am the sort of kid, even though outwardly with the appearance of an old lady,  who gets sent out to the hallway quite a bit.  But, I would much rather people think about Joshua Casteel, then my smart remarks!! Can you imagine, this man actually, actually, did put  his weapon down, down by the riverside, right in the middle of his military actions.  Right in the middle of an interrogation when he was confronted by the prisoner, right then and there, he told the prisoner, "You're Right!"  And realized he just wanted to talk about Jesus and Islam and the possibility of Peace with the prisoner.  I mean I might hum along to the song, Down by the Riverside, but could I really do that, right in a wartime situation?  So, pay attention to Joshua Casteel, Friends, not my silliness or my thoughtless remarks.

Eh, not really offensive, just...tired of the sentiment? "You're too young to be disabled/need a cane/etc." is just a thing you end up hearing a lot if you're a young person with a disability, and I'd rather people get over the notion that joints that ache when the weather shifts and canes are things I'll learn about "someday when I'm older" even when "someday" was back in college!

Oh, no need to remove it! Just thought it was a thing to be aware of, that it comes up a lot.

Hey, yeah, that is ridiculous.  Lots of people have physical difficulties from birth.  I can't believe someone would think only the old have physical pain or difficulties.  In a lot of ways, I had a lot more pain, when I was younger, pain of a different sort, generally psychic and spiritual, but I also had physical things from exhaustion, poor nutrition and so on.  I had to work no matter what, no matter how sick at a lot of jobs I had Living out in the country, being a single mom, I would just get so exhausted from heavy lifting and such. . Now if I don't feel good, thee is right, there is more of an excuse, I just joyously proclaim," I am old!" and go take a nap.  Whereas, a young person, it is almost punitive if your body doesn't work right. What are you some kind of faker?  How does someone know why thee might need a cane, it isn't anyone's business.  It is a good thing thee is a Quaker or they might get a very sound knocking on the head for such impudence.   I just recently caught on to this thing about how much fun getting older is and I jump on the chance to glory in it whenever I can!  It really is, totally like being very young again, my only problem is getting people from my g-g-g-g-g-generation to realize with me that the party is just getting started.

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