The reason that people "don't see x" is that they're seeing 'y'.

They "just don't think" whatever it is we think they ought to be thinking; they "don't even think about" whatever aspect of things we consider most urgent, obvious, and clearly illuminating -- because they're too busy thinking something else about other things entirely.

Your ideas, even my ideas, could be wonderfully helpful to a great many people.

They don't want them. They have theirs.

And look how well we're all doing!

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I put a post entitled "Loop the Loop" on The Springfield Patch( when I was just starting to think that I might have some insights from which others might benefit. Thanks for correcting/explaining my misconception.

Every so often I think I might have some insights from which I might benefit.

Perhaps I don't pound my head on the wall for headaches as much as formerly; I dunno!

It looks like our peculiar human condition is supposed to operate much as it does. It combines:

1) Everyone gets a supply of notions & methods from observing & interacting with other humans.

2) The resulting software runs on its own (pretty much) in each head developing a personal variation on the collective insanity.

3) Some of us like to exchange bits of code and see how they run on our system. If we're used to that, we probably won't actually crash the system even if we pick up some sort of virus -- if we're attentive (and hadn't we better be?)

4) That gives rise to an occasional really nifty notion, but people are afraid they might catch it from you -- plus we really are supposed to usually operate 'in character,' consistently, by whatever habits and manias we've inherited & developed (or how else could you tell us apart?)

It does make me hope we might someday catch some sort of epidemic of something that works better...

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