Wow Dr. E. Michael Jones, been watching interviews of the guy on U2b (Youtube).

Maybe no one has heard of the guy or is interested in discussion.  No Karen Armstrong.

Me on Facebook:

I don't watch U2bs because I agree with them (sometimes I do) but because I want a bigger sampling of who's out there saying what. I've clocked some hours with Dr. E. Michael Jones. He's anti gay marriage, anti abortion, anti contraception, anti Jewish (but he says not antisemitic because he's not against anyone on the basis of race and Judaism is not a race -- see Wikipedia).

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I write this as one from a different way who does not wish to step on the intent of your post to discuss this person. I have met with people who share the same notions as I have met many people who do not share them. However, many of them on each side of an issue share the same foundation. That is, a belief in the process of identification with and participation in outward political, religious, social, and economic, ideological or intellectual and institutional forms or constructs to guide into meaning, purpose, and identity in their lives and relationships. I often meet these people in the context of sharing a different way of relationship and living in this world. The foundation of this different way is the experience being or consciousness that is in-forming through direct intuition from within the conscience. That is, the conscience and consciousness is the seat of immanent being itself in itself which is sufficient in itself to guide and in-form meaning, purpose, and identity. Truly, in immanent being itself, the process of participation in and identification with outward political, religious, social, and economic, intellectual and institutional forms is often come out of or laid down in matters of human relationships and interactions. In this different way, it is the direct impulse or motion of immanent Presence itself that guides and leds into habitation in the inshining impulse and leads out of being led by or into outward intellectual and institutional constructs to guide human interactions and relationships . In this different way, there is no anti-abortion or pro-choice. There is no Judaism or Hinduism and so on. There is immanent Presence in the face of human relationships and interactions. In this is new way, conscience is the seat of Faith, the throne of God, and the place of Heaven, wherein outward political religious, social, and economic intellectual forms and institutions (powers and principalities) are of no influence, relatively speaking, in matters of relationships and interaction. Anyway ...    

Howdy Keith --

Thanks for wading in.

I'm not really expecting any surge in Friends wanting to immerse themselves in Catholic arcana. I imagine Dr. Jones has a nostalgic flavor for some connoisseurs, that smokey pre Vatican II elixir, before life got complicated and the mayor became gay (his Indiana gay mayor is one of his refrains -- his language, like yours, has a certain music to it, outward rhythms).

Speaking of outward rhythms, Ezra Pound is another throwback who got himself in hot water, perhaps because he was not tracking outward forms intensively enough?  It's one thing to be watching the world from a front porch, another to be an on-duty air traffic controller. 

Ezra imagined himself a mover and shaker, an advisor on policy.  But could someone that cryptic make it safely through two polarizing world wars?  Living in Italy, he saw the effects of sanctions.  In those days, the US was still having real trouble seeing itself as cruel.  The Germans deserved to starve (see Human Smoke, a book about Quakers).

He ended up in a cage (literally) and then under "house arrest" at St. Elizabeth's in DC for like a decade.  Wow.  If you plan to be an introvert, maybe better to go all the way, and not dabble in economics? 

But then he wouldn't have had so many good friends.  He was out-going by nature. Gregarious.  He assisted others along their careers (helped them fulfill their own destinies).

I find myself wondering if a race of Keiths could put a man on the moon.  Probably not, right? 

The moon is a very distant outward form, of mytho-poetic significance certainly, but to literally send a human there?  That would seem the height of "diving in" to the environment. 

Many millennials don't believe it was ever done.  They say Apollo was a hoax.[1] But a race of Keiths wouldn't care right?  All news is false news when what's real is He Who is Silent on matters of the day. 

If you want guidance regarding going to the Moon, or whether others have gone there, you'll need other than mere "in-shining light" am I right?  You'd have to care about the kinds of things NASA cares about.  "No Quaker would ever work for NASA if all Quakers were like Keith." Valid logic?

I'm thinking God inspires many of his creatures to vest deeply in outward forms.  That's His will, they're being obedient. 

Then come humans and their many illnesses (sins), their many ways of being wretched.  A whole new vista. 

Some of these will become hermits, others astronauts.  God cares for neither more than either.  Humans are meant to reflect different aspects of the Holy Spirit.  Dr. Jones might agree.



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