Starting local worship groups - especially for isolated Friends

(That's you, Sheila, if there are no groups within 100miles of you!)

Some ideas -

Write/contact local Friends organizations & ask if some folks would be willing to come and visit you for worship? I know there is quakerfinder where you can look up worship groups in various places, and I guess you could remember to explicitly ask that the people you talk to are christian (!)

And: local outreach "if you can't find Friends then make them??"

Could you make leaflets to give out locally? Do you know other people, other families who are seeking or like-minded? There may be Friends organizations in the state who might be able to send you leaflets and flyers to use?

How about advertising locally - local free papers? Town websites?

I guess there must be guidance for planting Friends churches. Used to be a Simple Churches ministry, not sure if those Friends are still around, their blog hasn't turned over for a while that I've noticed.

Any other ideas or suggestions about what has worked?

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FUM (one of the big U.S. Quaker organizations, who do have a christian basis) have a how to find Friends Meetings page.

EFI, Evangelical Friends International is a big Friends Churches or..., and they have NorthWest Yearly Meeting, is that near you? Or Friends Churches Southwest?
\Great ideas!

The website FGC put together to help seekers and Friends find Friends is

More info about starting a new Meeting and what to do when you're the only Friend in town:

In Peace,

John (Englewood Friends Meeting)
2 more things

1) If you're in the Northwest, there's a pair of ministers who have just got funding for visiting Meetings, and might be able to swing by and worship with you. Send me a message and I'll pass on some contact details or otherwise point you their way.

2) Where to meet when you have some people? Hmm, you might not want to randomly invite people off the internet to your house! Verified ministers and folks from established meetings might be different, or people who you already know locally. Are there church rooms or a community centre locally or other venues you could use for free for meeting?
Timely topic! Several from our local Meeting decided to strike out on our own, and form a worship group. We felt that most of the focus in the official Meeting was on taking care of the building and committees, and not enough (for us ) on worship and spiritual growth. With the support of a couple of elders, we have started meeting a couple of times a month. Our intention is to stay small and deepen. Initially we were accused of being rebels which was not what we intended. Getting back to small worship meetings, house meetings, and occasional park/bonfire meetings has been a lovely experience!. Maybe small is better! Caroline
This is Sheila.

I live in California near Yosemite Park... in the woods pretty much. The life here can be hard but lots of folks like it simple:

Does anybody know about our local Dunkers? They're plain but that doesn't mean they're Quaker. I feel a little intimidated by them...


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