Name the Friends who wrote each of these convictions:

1) "...for this made the ways of Jesus so wonderful in his day...He had loved righteousness, you perceive, and therefore was prepared to receive the fullness of the spirit, the fullness of that divine anointing; for there was no germ of evil in him or about him: both his soul and body were pure. He was anointed above all his fellows, to be the head of the church, the top stone, the chief corner stone, elect and precious."

2)"Hence, therefore, it follows that the true believers in Jesus, of every description, and in all ages, are, in a peculiar manner, visited and guided by the Comforter. No longer are they to depend on the teaching of their fellow-creatures; for the anointing which they have received of Christ abides in them, and teaches them of all things, and is truth, and no lie."

3)"This mystery surrounds all the supreme acts of religion. They cannot be reduced to a cold and naked rational analysis. The intellect possesses no master key which unlocks all the secrets of the soul."

Hint: There is "A Certain Kind of Perfection".

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Hicks, Gurney, & I-don't-know.

Are they true? To what extent? And what understanding do they awaken you to?

Time's Up!

Typically, perhaps, Friend Curo has identified the Quakers from the 18th and 19th centuries,  but was at a loss when it came to the one most-prominent in the 20th.

Just as curious is the stated conviction of(Elias Hicks at Pine St. Meeting in Phila.) a supposed universalist-humanist, of(Joseph John Gurney in "A Peculiar People") a bible-ready evangelical, and of(Rufus Jones in "The Inner Life") a liberal-product of Rationalism.

Could our ancestors-in-the-Life have been innocent of the labels/divisions attributed to them? Is it not, rather, our subjective tendency to see the forest and not the trees?!

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