Peter Hoover's Conservative Anabaptist Take on the Contemplative Life

Peter Hoover now lives in a "neo-Hutterite" community in Australia.  He was raised among the Orthodox Mennonites in Ontario (more conservative than Old Order Mennonites).  From time to time, he has darkened the door of Conservative Friends meetings in his sustained and meandering search for a deeper fellowship with Christ.

Peter is a writer, and a good one.  I just came across *Loose Plate Over a Manhole: The Spiritual Scrapbook of a 'Team Mennonite"".  The opening scene is the meeting for worship at the San Jose meeting in Costa Rica.

Take a look.

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A "team Mennonite" is part of a Mennonite fellowship that uses horses for transportation, and often for farm work.  "Team" refers literally to a team of horses.

Thank you for the link. I just started reading it. 

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