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Socialist, only Congress person to vote against both WW I and WW II. (There was more, but that seems pretty good.)

Hi Forrest.  yeah,  Ms. Rankin is a big name  round these parts here in Montana.  Missoula.  Back in the day.  it is said that  Jhn Updike called  Missoula the  Paris of the  (19) 90s Back in the day before that it was    Montana's Berkeley.   One fellow riding his bike around the world compared Missoula to Calcutta or is is Kolkata now?  So Jeanette Rankin, she's  our gal!   Oh but never mind.  Don't move here!  I am warning you.  There's no culture!  zip, nada, none.   We all survive by gnawing on elk bones through the winter,  and that's a rumor about how infinite the Sky is.  Everyone's a hateful intolerant bigot. . So hear that y'all and stay away from these hostile, forbidding lands! Also there ain't no river that runs through it neither!

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