Per continuing revelation, God was pissed at humans to the point of aborting the whole experiment, twice in His own words (Holy Scripture).

First was the Garden of Eden debacle, wherein Adam & Eve discovered moralizing and started to argue endlessly, losing their innocence and happiness forever, but building their vocabularies (using their words more and more) and developing mental powers almost up to snake level (much higher than ape).

By the next generation of Cain & Abel, the humans were already into Murder, Inc., not a good sign, but a boost to the language of blame, the basis of getting ape brains to do computation.

Second, we know humans barely survived God's next "almost ready to give up" temper tantrum, with Noah & Co. the only surviving legal representative of the human enterprise. The other animals were all saved too, duh, as they were never the problem.

Cutting back on the meme pool that severely led to groupthink and the infernally stupid plan to build a skyscraper with no elevators ("God" the excuse). Way ahead of schedule.

Promising, fine, but time to hit the reset button at the sensemaking level (Confusion of Tongues) and let them wander the planet more, appreciate their inventory. "I'll check back in an Aeon, lookin' good, thumbs up. Outta here." God.

Now if God comes back to check on us He'll see we've done all the work for Him this time. We've wired ourselves up with a self destruct system, as only the sickest of species would ever do, and if we go over the line again, we'll not need God to break His "rainbow" promise. He's off the hook and forgiven, as it's up to us what happens next.

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