I just sent some money that I had put aside to a minister in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who has been trying desperately to keep a school together for some 500 children, boys and girls, from the primary grades through high school.

The minister left a comment on a French-language Quaker blog two years ago or so, and that's how I came in contact with him, since I can write in French. He's sent me photos of the various groups of children at each scholastic level. Some of the children were driven from their homes as "witches" or "sorcerers." Some come from poor families and their parents pay for their education with some of the crops they grow. I'm going to scan the photos and I'll post them as soon as I can.

Do any of you happen to know any organizations that the minister could contact for some real money, or grants, or something? The children sit on the ground at a couple of the schools and barely have the pencils, copybooks, and textbooks they need. The minister has to feed some of them during the school day, otherwise they wouldn't get much of a meal.


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The local Meeting I go to has connections with Link Community Development in Ghana. LCD don't have projects in DRC, the nearest listed is Uganda I think.

Do you know what Yearly Meeting your DRC Friends are affiliated to? That might be a way to get funds there for example through the international organisations like AFSC, FWCC?
Thanks for the reply, Alice. For the moment, I'm the only affiliation Felix has. I've already appealed to AFSC, but they were not able to assist. I'll try contacting FWCC. Maybe I'll try the Mennonites, too.

Joyeux Noël !
Thanks, Martin. I visited the site and I'll contact them. Yes, Félix is in Kinshasa, but Congo Yearly Meeting is still closer to him than I am!

Have a peaceful Christmas.
Here are some photos of the children and of the rector of the school, Félix Wenzem:



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