I'm seeking Friends' experiences of following leadings today.  How has your faithfulness taken you into "the cross", i.e. required sacrifice, involved suffering or persecution, or simply following God's will instead or your own?  How have you experienced divine Love and Power?  How were you changed by following a leading?  Did your meeting or a spiritual accountability group help you?  For more, see my blog, http://awholeheart.com/

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Great question, Moving unto God's will based on subjective truth as God has lead me to know has family and lower case friends moving away from me in some respects. As truth unfolds, religious family members feel challenged when I profess a life towards God without ritual or an absolution in Jesus. The universal truth I have come to know is too removed from earthly condition. While on Earth, my family is well engrained in Conditional Truth. They now are ironically silent regarding their once vocal profession of Jesus being of "Conditional Gift", an oxymoron. Early Quakers proffered argument over Gift being Gift and Gift being granted only upon the Conditional Request. With the notion of conditional request presented to family members they have felt psycologically cornered and have no further argument over the universal truth I have come to know. Partly because it is where my mind and mostly my Unconditional Heart is and further supported via Early Quaker Writings by some of the pioneer thinkers of the 17th Century. Quaker Writings an Anthology 1650 - 1920 by Thomas Hamm has some of the writings.
Lower case friends the divide has set in their Creaturely Ways, as they witness my disdain for material and as my view of False Idols widens, their very existence or purpose is challenged. An example is their goal or bar setting of what Media portrays as what to strive for in life. American Idol is a program they can not get enough. I have never liked television. I now see how the manipulation of their life to attain such an empty measure of success ultimately leaves them only momentarily satisfied. Their acquistion of monetary or material success is short lived and they go back awaiting their next brief but un-fullfilling moment. Another example is their incessant need to purchase antiques and junk from venues only to acquire and set some where in their cluttered home and mostly never use the object acquired. I used to enjoy hunting objects but now I see them as false idols myself. I have a sorrow now when I see objects as I know the pain, suffering, and emptiness it can lead or cause. This perspective has strained some relationships with friends.

This would account for 2 minor examples of sufferings experienced and how life is changing and in motion. - Robert 

Hello Robert,

        Thank you so much for sharing some of the changes in your life and your perceptions.  I pray that you will find all the support you need as you follow God's leadings of truth and love.   Marcelle

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