Just as the opposite of love is indifference, not hate; so the opposite of openness to divine guidance is religious fanaticism. Robert A. Johnson, a Jungian analyst, writes in "Owning Your Own Shadow": Fanaticism always indicates unconscious uncertainty not yet registering in consciousness.

Wonder what the good doctor would say about conscious uncertainty - Quaker fanaticism?!

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thankfully Love doesn't need words.  Unfortunately that just proves how little love there is amongst us.:(  My daughter's favorite button when she was a teen simply said "HUG ME".

But a shadow doesn't "am" at all; only you & I and other beings do that.

If you think you need to prove you can see, just look!

There ain't nuthin to a shadow except a place where you aren't seeing much light. (But unless you're in a vacuum, there's light to show you more than anyone's conjectures about why you did or didn't do whatever you're blaming on that poor empty spot.)

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