Stephen Colbert thinks Quaker Meetings are like city buses

Religion prof Stephen Prothero tells Colbert about Friends, who liken us to a ride on a city bus. So how are Quaker meetings & church like or not like city buses? Answer in the comments or on twitter using the tag #quakerbuses. Update: Twitter isn't archiving these anymore. Here's some of the more classic responses:

On a city bus they have a limit on how much baggage you can carry on. (Faith Kelley) When you ask if the routes have good service, they'll tell you that the service starts when you get off the #QuakerBuses (@chrismsf)
Many routes, one destination (@SusannaDW)

No one will shut up the half-crazed ranter at the back (@rikomatic)

I've never been to a potluck on a city bus (@jonwatts)

Do we teach our children how to take the #Quakerbuses? (@M_M)

If you ask a passenger to describe a bus they don't start with "it depends what you mean by 'bus'" (@martin_kelley)

When you ask for directions, yr fellow passengers don't launch into lecture on history of public transportation. (@micahbales)


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Comment by Rancher Rob on 1st mo. 29, 2012 at 9:15pm

I used to drive a school bus and I remember how my hair went grey and wrinkles grew. So I trust its not one of those buses. The ones I went on in Latin America also carried chickens and goats along with people, now wouldnt that make for interesting Meeting!!

Comment by David Woodward on 5th mo. 12, 2011 at 5:11pm
I don't think of Quaker as like a buses before but I geuess you could say so but need good way. 
Comment by Faith L. Kelley on 3rd mo. 31, 2011 at 8:29pm
On a city bus they have a limit on how much baggage you can carry on. (Can't decide how I feel about this difference.)

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